Discover brand opportunities in the Greek On Premise

The Greek On Premise consumer

Who are the On Premise visitors in Greece? George Argyropoulos, Client Solutions Director, EMEA, presents to Athens Bar Show key insights on their behaviours and motivations and explores trends in the channel influencing visitation and consumption.

CGA’s REACH survey is an essential resource of On Premise consumer data that provides insights to understand what consumers are doing in the On Premise and why.

It gives you the power to understand the ever-changing relationship between consumers, brands, categories and channels through a single source.

Explore the Greek On Premise visitor – download more insights.

Outlet Index in Greece

Greece boasts over 80,000 HoReCa outlets across the country. Out of those, over 70% are Food and beverage consumption, or recreation outlets – demonstrating a vibrant landscape with huge importance of the food and beverage sector for the Greek market, offering suppliers vast opportunities for growth.  

CGA by NIQ’s Outlet Index strengthens suppliers’ knowledge via accurate channel planning, location and custom segmentation capabilities. 

Explore the Outlet Index solution in Greece – download more insights

Winning in the On Premise

REACH Europe delves into the behaviour and engagement of consumers visiting the On Premise across European markets, identifying trends and opportunities for success in the region.


The report will explore:

  • Why win in the On Premise
  • How cost of living is affecting European consumers
  • Prominent premium opportunities
  • How to win in the On Premise in 2023 and beyond


Download more information about the report – available now. 


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Explore the changing consumer landscape

George Argyropoulos examines the changing consumer landscape in REACH Europe’s latest insights series. For more information, contact  George at 

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