Delivering On Premise data, insight & expertise to help your brand grow 


Best-in-class On Premise measurement

Our unrivalled data sources including data partnerships across hospitality operators & distributors produce the most granular view of performance. Track value, volume, sales per outlet, distribution & price by multiple market breaks, including region, channel & custom outlet segments.  


Continuous reporting & tracking creates an immediate view of market evolution to help inform long-term On Premise strategies. 

Explore the On Premise universe

CGA’s comprehensive segmentation, outlet features & market-leading data sources provide the most targeted view of any market to help your location planning ambitions. 


As an invaluable On Premise data source, it’s essential for monitoring the market, optimising sales & finding the best opportunities for investment. Get up to date information on new site openings, closures & data-driven insight for targeting competitor brands. 


Engage your most valuable consumer through tailored research

CGA’s On premise consumer surveys provide the ultimate understanding of the behaviours, motivations & needs of consumers. 

Our established surveys which track user behaviour, brand preference & claimed consumption allow you to identify, engage & locate valuable consumers. 

Through Channel strategy research, gain insight into the most valuable channels for your brands & categories, profiling occasionality & category mix across key On Premise channels. 

Category Insight provides a deep dive into a drinks category to uncover who is drinking the category, in which channels & on what occasion to help build brand strategies. Further analyse drinker habits & mixer preferences to inform your serve strategy with Mixed Drinks Insight. 

Using CGA’s powerful consumer data analysis tool, Distilr360, you can access the answers to hundreds of questions within CGA’s consumer surveys & custom research. 

Discover fresh opportunity for your On Premise brand or business

Graeme is responsible for growing CGA’s market leading product suite in EMEA & APAC. Leading new commercial strategies into new territories, he has successfully delivered insight solutions in over 25 markets globally. 
With over a decade of experience consulting in the On Premise market, he has built his career through creating action-led, data-driven insight from complex data sets for clients, informing their On Premise strategies & helping to reach their goals. 

Graeme Loudon



Opportunities for food suppliers & operators

Karl Chessell & the Hospitality Operators & Food team work closely with pub, bar & restaurant operators and food service companies to provide deep insight on the hospitality sector, covering market performance, sector shape & size, consumer trends, business sentiment, brand strategy, pricing, where to focus, & where to invest. Karl worked with CGA as a partner & consultant for more than 20 years before formally joining us in April 2018.

Karl Chessell



“CGA’s help has been invaluable. Pulling together request after request of data. You have been brilliant.”


 “We use Coffer Peach as the essential industry yardstick to measure competitive performance”

Case Study: Molson Coors builds on strategic partnership with national pub chain

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REACH compares key On Premise consumer metrics across 24 markets to uncover global trends. Understand how consumer attitudes motivations & need states are driving On Premise behaviours & category dynamics.

Available in all markets

Track consumer eating & drinking out behaviours, understand size of the prize opportunities for brands & categories by occasions & channels

Consumer data analysis tool giving you a 360 view of consumers in the On Premise

Market measurement data for all Beverage Alcohol and Soft Drink categories and brands.

Outlet Index is a digitally acquired view of which outlets in any territory are open & trading, alongside a view of which trading style they fall under. 

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