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On Premise measurement & sales tracking

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Powered by billions of rows of data,  CGA’s market-leading sales tracking & market measurement tools provide the most granular view of brand & category performance in the On Premise. 


Track value, volume, sales per outlet, distribution & price by multiple market breaks, including region, channel & custom outlet segments. 

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Our approach

We harmonise billions of rows of data to create one truth from many sources

Data partnerships with hospitality operators alongside food & drink distributors enables CGA to track a product’s journey from manufacturer to consumer, providing you with the most granular view of performance.  Unique market modelling techniques & statistical methods alongside powerful machine learning & AI tools enables CGA to ingest & harmonise billions of rows of data to create one truth from many sources.  In as little as three days, data & insights are then delivered to you.  All contextualised by our team of experts who know & love the On Premise, enabling you to understand the reasons behind the numbers. 


We collect data from manufacturers across the entire beverage alcohol market, giving us a clear picture of the products being created.

Wholesalers & RTM tracking

We then comprehensively track the distribution of products, and their route to market.

In the Outlet

We capture sales of these products from the On Premise outlet to the consumer via EPOS & web-based data, revealing what products are sold, their average value, the value they bring to the average check, plus lots more.

With the consumer

In addition we capture the consumer's view of their brand & category purchases, track their path to purchase & the reasons behind their buying behaviours

Data delivered to you

Finally, our in-house team of developers, researchers, data analysts & hospitality experts come together to provide the most holistic measurement of the market.

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