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James Phillips

22 February 2024

The Last Call: Bartender insights in Australia

Join CGA and industry-leading brand ambassadors for an exclusive webinar to explore the evolving trends within the bartender community and their powerful influence to drive brand advocacy and growth.

Drew Hummel

27 February 2024

VIBE Conference 2024 – Crafting the ultimate RTD narrative

RTD’s are generating buzz and leading BevAl innovation, but the category is still in its On Premise infancy. NIQ CGA’s expert On Premise team hosts a panel of leading RTD suppliers to explore:

  • Hear RTD sales trends and predictions.
  • Identify, who is the RTD On-Premise consumer?
  • Analyze Incrementality vs cannibalization.
  • VIBE exclusive – RTDs through the eyes of the bartender…what do industry tastemakers have to say? 
Mauricio Castellanos

7 Marzo 2024

Las nuevas tendencias en México del consumidor On Premise 2024

Con enormes cambios en el consumo de alcohol, estamos monitoreando las principales tendencias para 2024. Vea nuestro nuevo webinar “Las nuevas tendencias en México del consumidor On Premise 2024” para escuchar a los expertos de NIQ y CGA hablar sobre las tendencias actuales y futuras de la industria de bebidas alcohólicas para México.

Karl Chessell

12-13 March 2024

Northern Restaurant & Bar 2024 – Northern Soul 

In a tough market, the North continues to provide great experiences for consumers through a diverse array of pubs, bars and restaurants. Increasingly, nationally and internationally, people are looking at how key cities in the North are developing and innovating through hospitality. Karl Chessell leads this session which will delve into this and importantly look at what the data is really saying about the Northern hospitality market.

Matthew Crompton

18 March 2024

Bar & Restaurant Expo – Demystifying Data 

Join Matt Crompton, CGA by NIQ Regional Director – North America for a session exploring emerging trends within the On Premise, learn the types of insights that contribute to increasing footfall in venues and discover the levers that can be pulled to maximize profits based on best-in-class data and insights tailored for independent and small managed groups.

Karl Chessell

25 March 2024

HRC Show – Hospitality Trends: What to look for in 2024

Kicking off The Pub Show, we be a session exploring the top hospitality trends to watch in 2024 for your pub. Join Karl Chessell, CGA by NIQ’s, listen to an exclusive presentation followed by a panel discussion diving even deeper into the top trending issues.

Karl Chessell
Dani Rowlands

01 May 2024

The Restaurant Show – PubTrack: The trends impacting the UK pub industry 

Join the experts from CGA by NIQ, Karl Chessell – Director of Operators, and Dani Rowlands – Client Business Partner, to understand some of the key trends impacting the UK pub industry. PubTrack analyses consumer perceptions and behaviours across the pub sector – find out how the sector is performing, and which operators are leading the way in the eyes of consumers.

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We love to share our knowledge & insights on all things food, drink & hospitality

CGA by NIQ Events

CGA’s dinner and safari events bring together hospitality leaders, suppliers and operators for exclusive tours, drinks, and discussions (Chatham House rules), that provide guests with a unique opportunity to network with On Premise experts and learn about emerging trends in food, drink and entertainment supported by the latest CGA data and insights.  

To learn more about attending future CGA events contact karen.bantoft@cgastrategy.com 

CGA by NIQ are proud to sponsor Peach 20/20, an event that brings together industry leaders to discuss the issues 

and opportunities for the out-of-home eating and drinking sector. 

Bringing the On Premise together

CGA by NIQ is the premier partner for the Peach 20/20 Network.

The Peach 20/20 brand returned in 2021 with a new look, new focus & new format to deliver a year-round programme of face-to-face & virtual events culminating with its flagship annual conference & Hero & Icon awards ceremony.


The Peach 20/20 Network brings together CGA’s established conference business with Peter Martin’s Atlantic Club, with its growing international audience, to build on global experiences & collaborations in the UK & around the world. Peter Martin, co-founder of both Peach 20/20 & Atlantic Club, heads up the combined business.

Delivering our expertise face-to-face

CGA by NIQ’s team of experts will use the Peach 20/20 platform to share the very latest insight from CGA’s unrivalled data & research sources.


To become involved in Peach 20/20 contact Operations & Partnerships Manager James Martin, james.martin@peach2020.com.

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