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We work with the world's biggest food suppliers & manufacturers, combining our proprietary data sources with our custom research & industry expertise to measure performance & inform strategies for growth

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for food suppliers

Consumer behaviour

Dish level sales

Category & ingredient sales

Outlet & location targeting

Supplying reliable, market-leading data to food suppliers

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Out of home for food brands & suppliers

Consumer behaviour

Dish level sales

Category & ingredient sales

Outlet & location targeting

How we help

Strengthen customer relationships & category management

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Understand the consumers visiting your key customers & their needs 

Understand consumer needs, path to purchase & choice drivers to develop category & brand sales driving mechanics

Provide relevant dish & category recommendations by knowing the dish & category dynamics within your customer’s venue, their competition, & the wider market

Use daily dish sales data to provide understanding of consumer purchasing patterns

Use pricing analysis to support back of house efficiencies & ingredient costs to help make dishes more attractive & competitively priced

Benchmark dish prices against the market to help Operators make pricing decisions that won’t negatively impact rate of sale or footfall

Understand regional menu & pricing dynamics to uncover opportunities to drive margin

Maximise & grow sales

Drive sales effectiveness & optimise call lists

Maximise your brand’s sales per outlet with targeted prospect lists for distribution, sales calls & activation

Understand size & shape of the market & details for Foodservice outlets

Save money by reducing call wastage by only calling on outlets that are  open

Get name, address & attribute details for Foodservice outlets

Support menu design for key customers

Combine dish sales data with consumer preference data to identify the optimum menu

Generate sales stories for your brand portfolio by understanding how range scenarios can grow margin & drive incremental value

Support menu design for key customers

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