Wine drinkers set to spend as preferences evolve

Many wine drinkers are ready to spend more and will seek out both new brands and trusted favourites as they return to the On Premise, CGA’s new ‘Overcoming COVID-19’ Wine Insights Report shows.

After a turbulent 15 months, the exclusive report reveals how out-of-home wine drinking behaviour has changed during COVID, and points to strategies that operators, suppliers, distributors and producers can adopt in response.


It indicates that a substantial proportion of consumers started to drink wine at home for the first time over lockdown, and plan to extend their new habit into the On Premise. Of those who drank wine in lockdowns, nearly a third  experimented with wines that are different to what they usually drink.


CGA research has shown that consumers are increasingly confident about eating and drinking out, and more than a fifth of wine drinkers now plan to spend more time and money in the On Premise than they did before COVID, while two in five think they will go out more often than they did in 2019. CGA’s research for the ‘Overcoming COVID-19’ report also suggests the premiumisation trend is set to continue, with preferences moving away from the cheapest wines and towards middle and higher priced options.

Lockdowns have changed wine drinkers’ preferences in subtle but very important ways,” says CGA client director Mark Newton. “Operators and suppliers need to be right on top of consumers’ habits and the shifts in On Premise occasions, and stay responsive in range, pricing and trade-up strategies. For businesses that meet these new needs, there is a great chance to unlock the high levels of latent spend across the wine category this summer.”

The report has many more insights into the category’s key trends, helping businesses to give themselves the best chance of success in the reopened market. It compares wine’s performance to pre-COVID trading and other categories, analyses sales in the periods the On Premise has been able to open over the last year, and provides data since reopening from mid-April.


‘Overcoming COVID-19’ is the fourth and final edition of the 2021 series of Wine Insights Reports, which combine CGA’s in-depth consumer, sales and outlet data with expert analysis by Richard Siddle at The Buyer. The four reports are packed with actionable learnings and recommendations for suppliers, operators and other businesses in the wine trade, and previous editions cover popular countries of origin, sales patterns including the rise of British wine and post-lockdown trends in sparkling wine. Each report comes with a comprehensive PowerPoint deck of findings that can be used in strategy and sales meetings, plus executive summaries.


Reports are available individually at £875 each, or as a complete set of four for £2,600 (excluding VAT). To learn more about the reports, request more information here or contact CGA client director Mark Newton at 

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