British sparkling wine set to fizz in 2021

British sparkling wine became the third highest seller by value in the category in the On Premise, just before the first lockdown.

British sparkling wine became the third highest seller by value in the category in the On Premise, behind only Champagne and Italian Prosecco, just before the first lockdown.


That is one of the eye-catching figures in ‘The Future for Fizz’, the third of four Wine Insight Reports from CGA. The series fuses in-depth consumer, sales and outlet data with expert analysis by Richard Siddle at The Buyer to reveal crucial wine trends to track in 2021, and is available now.


‘The Future for Fizz’ sets out the ever increasing interest for British sparkling wine prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, with On Premise sales up 37% in the year to February 2020, and distribution up 42% to around 4,200 outlets.


Sales have partly been powered by drinkers’ desire to support domestic producers. Something which can only be enhanced in the future, with 13% of sparkling wine consumers feeling it is more important that their drink is British than it was before COVID-19. It suggests British sparkling wine is successfully transitioning from a niche market to the mainstream, with wider recognition of its quality and desirability.


Over the last few years we’ve seen British sparkling wines earn their place on wine menus alongside Champagne in more and more restaurants, pubs and bars,” says Mark Newton, CGA client director and wine category specialist.

A reputation for quality, increased distribution and strong marketing have all helped to attract new drinkers, and with the growing emphasis on local provenance and a renewed interest in supporting domestic producers in the wake of Brexit and the pandemic, it feels like British sparkling wine is reaching a tipping point in the On Premise.”

“With 90% of its sales in the premium £35+ per bottle retail price band, if it is positioned correctly, suppliers and operators have a great opportunity to substantially grow sales once again when the market is able to reopen.”


The growth in British sales is one of a host of insights into the valuable and fast-moving sparkling wine market in ‘The Future for Fizz’ report. It highlights more areas of growing consumer interest including pink Prosecco, sparkling cocktails and spritzes, sets out key dynamics in cross-category competition, and shows ways to leverage trends to optimise sparkling wine repertoires and serves.


‘The Future for Fizz’ report comes with a comprehensive PowerPoint deck of findings and a concise infographic executive summary, and is available now for £875, or as part of a complete set of four Wine Insight Reports for £2,600 (excluding VAT).

To learn more about the reports, click here or contact CGA client director Mark Newton at  


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