GO Technology

GO Technology is CGA & Zonal's joint research platform investigating consumer behaviours & attitudes towards digital
technology in the On Premise.

GO Technology March 2024

The latest GO Technology report reveals what aspects of the industry consumers love the most; from why people choose to go out instead of staying in, to what aspects of a pub, bar or restaurant’s offering would keep making them come back for more.


GO Technology October 2023

The latest GO Technology report from leading hospitality tech provider Zonal and CGA by NIQ, explores why loyalty matters, how its created and what consumers need to keep coming back.


GO Technology July 2023

New insight reveals consumers’ latest attitudes to using technology within hospitality, and how venues can strike the right balance between digital solutions and personal interaction


GO Technology April 2022

The figures from Zonal and CGA, highlight how social media channels are becoming a close competitor to Google, which is used by 79% of consumers to search for venues.


GO Technology March 2022

The latest GO Technology report from Zonal and CGA reveals that the majority of consumers (80%) are interested in some form of personalisation when visiting pubs, bars and restaurants.