Casual Dining Restaurants: A popular On Premise channel for Mexican palates

New to the Mexican market, CGA’s Outlet Index reveals changes in the licensed universe, exploring the Casual Dining channel, consumer engagement and highlights growth opportunities for beverage suppliers and operators in the market.

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CGA’s Outlet Index allows suppliers, operators, and distributors alike to identify their addressable market by tracking changes to the outlet landscape, build effective brand and portfolio strategies and identify the growth opportunities across segment types in the market.


Over 160,000 licensed outlets (outlets that can sell alcohol in their establishments) reside in Mexico, made of up of Restaurants (64%), Bars (21%), and Hotels (11%), and other key channels including Sports Clubs, Casinos, Movie Theatres and more.


Eating and drinking plays a huge part of the Mexican culture, and consumers are drawn to many food-led venues for their social structure and traditions of Mexico. Casual Dining Restaurants, for example, make up 59% of all licensed outlets in the market. CGA’s On Premise User Study (OPUS) highlights it remains an important channel for consumers -70% of consumers visited casual dining restaurants in the last 3 months and 4 in 5 visited the same amount, or more often, than a year ago.


Casual dining restaurants play a role in the occasion mix and needs states of consumers’ visits with key occasions driving visits to the channel led by casual meals (69%), special occasions (51%), and relaxed/quiet drinks (19%).


There are also regional dynamics at play that can influence the success of channel strategies. Distrito Federal contains the highest proportion of casual dining restaurants in the total licenced universe (72%), with Jalisco (62%), México (60%), and Veracruz and Puebla (both 52%) following suit.


Matthew Crompton, Regional Director – North America, said “Beverage suppliers and operators all over the world are rebuilding their approach to activating in a ‘new’ On Premise following shifts in the licensed landscape over the past few years. Understanding these changes and knowledge of how consumers are engaging with venues is essential for a strong foundational approach to brand building in a fragmented and dynamic channel. CGA is actively supporting clients to build effective portfolio and locational strategies, all while optimizing resource allocation and investments.”


CGA will be continuously tracking how the market landscape evolves overtime, especially during the cost of living crisis and the effects this has on openings and closures within the market. On a quarterly basis clients will be able to access a fully refreshed market universe to ensure On Premise analysis.


Outlet Index is a robust outlet universe database, covering and segmenting all On Premise outlets available within the market to the CGA global market segmentation.


CGA by NIQ’s On Premise User Survey provides many more insights into consumers’ On Premise behaviour and engagement with On Premise venues in Mexico, and bespoke analysis is available to help suppliers craft winning strategies.


For more information on CGA by NIQ’s On Premise solutions get in touch with Matthew Crompton at 

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