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Consumer Research

In the reality dating show that is the On Premise, how can you build loyalty and long-lasting relationships with consumers?

We all know about the perceived (and demonstrable) truth that brands are seeded and built in the On Premise before being grown and cultivated in the Off Premise, but, as that may well be, is there a place for loyalty in pubs, bars, clubs, and restaurants? And if so, what does it look like? Charlie Mitchell, research and insight director, explores…

Consumer Research Reports

Quality key to driving repeat purchases in the Australian On Premise

CGA by NielsenIQ’s consumer research reveals an average visit to the On Premise typically consists of three drinks for Aussie consumers, with around half remaining loyal to their preferred drink serve and brand regardless of occasion and venue. However, amongst those who are less brand loyal, quality is the most influential factor for repeat purchases.

Drinks Recovery Tracker

‘Freedom day’: One year on

After a rollercoaster ride for the On Premise in the 12 months since ‘Freedom day’, CGA by NielsenIQ’s data shows that drinks sales are now neck-and-neck with pre-COVID-19 levels.


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