Wondering how to grow the beer category and achieve greater brand share in Italy’s On Premise? Offering more choice could be the answer.

A new report from On Premise and Beverage Alcohol experts CGA by NIQ reveals that beer is #1 consumed alcoholic beverage in Italy, with a significant 56% of consumers enjoying beer in the On Premise, compared to France and Germany.

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Combining innovative methodologies with world-wide experience in measuring, researching and consulting on the On Premise channel, CGA by NIQ’s new Beer Report is the most comprehensive analysis of Italy’s highest consumed On Premise category.  


Measuring brand share of On Premise sales, and the category dynamics driving brand performance., the report highlights opportunities to grow the category further… 


Offer choice to meet the need of younger demographics 

Italian consumers exhibit a diverse range of preferences when it comes to beer selection. While a sizable 26% emphasize the importance of reputable brands (+3pp vs average On Premise visitor), indicating a loyalty to tried-and-trusted beers, there is also a burgeoning cohort of younger consumers eager to explore new and interesting options. 


This diversity in brand preferences underscores the importance of offering choices within venues to accommodate the varying needs of consumers.  40% of all beer volumes originate from the top 10 beer brands, highlighting the strength and popularity of established brands.   But with 18-34 beer drinkers more likely to increase their visits to the On Premise in the next 12 months, tailoring the drinks offer to the needs of this increasingly important consumer group, and providing a choice of new and interesting brands is vital for growing the category. 


No and low beer options are key to protecting manufacturer share 

The Beer Report forecasts a growing trend towards moderation, with 64% of beer drinkers planning to moderate their alcohol consumption in the next 12 months. This growing emphasis on moderation presents both challenges and opportunities for breweries to innovate and adapt to evolving consumer preferences. Amidst this evolving landscape, beer manufacturers and suppliers can safeguard market share by proactively offering alternatives that cater to the trend of moderation, including both no and low-alcohol options. Understanding the demographics driving volume performance will enable brand owners to tailor strategies to effectively target consumer segments and maintain competitiveness in the market. 


Know where to drive distribution and how to engage consumers in the venue 

Pizzerias and pubs emerge as pivotal channels for beer suppliers, offering prime growth opportunities, especially within food-led establishments. In this vibrant setting, the recommendations of waiting staff and bartenders play a pivotal role in influencing consumer decisions and shaping consumption trends. Beer brands should focus on fostering brand advocacy among venue staff, ensuring that their products are recommended and appreciated by those on the front lines of customer interaction. 


Staying ahead of the curve with the ‘Beer Report’ 

Share analysis, consumer trends, category insights, and strategic recommendations all form part of CGA by NIQ’s new Beer Report. 


Daniela Cardaciotto, On Premise Sales Leader, stated, “The Beer Report offers a fascinating glimpse into Italy’s rich beer culture, brimming with opportunities for brands to engage, innovate, and thrive. The Beer Report proves to be an unrivalled source of comprehensive analysis, empowering beer brands to make informed decisions, pivot swiftly, and excel amidst stiff competition. From uncovering expansion opportunities to delving into consumer preferences and optimizing product positioning, the Beer Report serves as an indispensable tool for charting a course toward growth. 


With a focus on actionable strategies and market performance, the Beer Report delivers insights that drive tangible results. This one-of-a-kind report provides in-depth analyses of brand loyalty, manufacturer, and brand share, standing out as a trusted ally for any beer brand aspiring to foster success in Italy’s dynamic and fiercely competitive landscape.” 


Take charge of your brand’s health in Italian On Premise by investing in the Beer Report today and unlock actionable strategies to drive growth, outperform competitors, and propel your brand to new heights.


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