How to win sales in Italy through bartender engagement

Engaging bartenders is a powerful route to growth and extra sales in Italy’s On Premise, an exclusive new report from CGA by NIQ shows.

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The ‘Italy Bartender Report’ is packed with insights to help suppliers and manufacturers understand bar professionals’ influence and roles. It is based on a major BarSights survey of 150 experienced bartenders around the country, which reveals that three quarters (76%) of them recommend specific drinks to guests at least once a week—while nearly two thirds (63%) do so to most guests or multiple times per shift.  


Crucially, these recommendations translate into sales. Nearly two in three (64%) of bartenders say guests order the suggested drinks they recommend every or almost every time. 


The influence wielded by bartenders is further underscored by CGA’s OPUS consumer research, revealing that bartender recommendations are a decisive factor for 29% of consumers in Italy, compared to Germany (25%) and France (26%), coming close to matching the influence of friends at 30%. 


Bartenders have a particularly valuable role to play in encouraging consumers to trade up or trial new drinks. This is important in a conservative cocktail market like Italy, where people tend to stay loyal to their favourite drinks. OPUS data shows the Aperol Spritz, Mojito and Campari Spritz are the three most popular cocktails, while lemon, lime and strawberry are the three top flavours. However, bartenders can help promote new brands and different combinations of flavours to consumers—especially younger adults who are much more likely to experiment than older drinkers. 


The ‘Italy Bartender Report’ provides many more insights into bartenders’ knowledge and advocacy and highlights the best ways for suppliers to engage and support bar staff. The report also explores the latest trends in drinks choices and how menus and social media can influence consumers’ drinks choices.   


Daniela Cardaciotto, CGA by NIQ’s On Premise sales leader – Italy, said: “Securing the support of bar staff is a fast and very effective way to influence people’s purchasing decisions, build brand reputation and ultimately gain sales and share. The Bartender Report represents an invaluable resource for drink brands, enabling them to delve into the intricacies of their venue’s drink landscape, discern prevailing industry trends within the region or country, grasp consumer taste preferences, and anticipate emerging beverage trends. It also serves as a beacon for understanding bartender-supplier dynamics, unveiling their preferences, the drivers shaping their relationships, and optimal methods for incentivization. Armed with these multifaceted insights, brands can navigate the market terrain with precision, fostering meaningful connections within the industry and driving sustainable growth.” 


The ‘Italy Bartender Report’ is designed to help all drinks businesses understand the out-of-home drinks market and craft successful bartender engagement and sales strategies. It is available to purchase now. For more information, contact Daniela Cardaciotto at

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