Spritz surges in strong quarter for US On Premise cocktails

Exclusive new research from CGA by NIQ reveals strong growth in cocktail sales this past year, powered by spritzes and younger consumers.
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The insights are from CGA’s suite of sales data and consumer surveys, which combine to help beverage suppliers and operators identify key trends and opportunities in the flourishing cocktails market.  
The Quarterly Cocktail Sales Tracker also shows the value velocity of cocktail sales in the third quarter of this year was 13% ahead of the same period in 2022. Outlets sold an average of 1,178 cocktails in the third quarter across 765 tickets, with an average price of $13 and an average check value of $83. Cocktails accounted for 29 cents in every dollar spent on the spirits category in the three-month period. 
Meanwhile, CGA’s On Premise User Survey (OPUS) from Fall 2023 highlights the most popular cocktails in the On Premise. The Margarita remains comfortably the top choice, and its value velocity in the third quarter was 20% higher than in 2022. Moscow Mules, Mojitos and Martinis were the three next most popular selections. Tequila remains the most popular cocktail base in the On Premise, having taken a little market share from other leading categories like vodka and rum this year. 
However, the biggest winner of the last 12 months has been the Spritz, which has generated triple the number of tickets it did in the third quarter of 2022. It rose eight places to become the seventh most popular cocktail choice, leapfrogging classics like the Espresso Martini and Bellini. Other third-quarter climbers included the Negroni—which also had the highest check value over the last three months, followed by the Caipirinha and Manhattan. In comparison, the cocktails seeing a greater drop in rank change vs 2022 is the Bloody Mary and Lemon Drop (-4).  
Demographic data from OPUS shows cocktail consumption is highest in the 21-to-34 age group. More than a third (37%) of US consumers in this age group now drink cocktails—up from 31% last year. 


Matthew Compton, CGA by NIQ’s Regional Director – North America, said: “It’s been another outstanding year for cocktails in the US On Premise. Beneath the topline growth lie some significant evolutions in consumers’ cocktail habits and preferences, and responding to these shifts with agility is critical if brands and suppliers are to optimize strategy and maximise brand potential. Our Quarterly Tracker and other solutions deliver all the market intelligence they need to thrive in this dynamic market.


CGA’s Quarterly Cocktail Sales Tracker provides best-in-class insights into sales trends in cocktails and all other drinks categories in the US On Premise. The On Premise Cocktail Report adds further expert analysis of sales patterns and consumers’ preferences. To discover more about the solutions and the expert support that is available to help interpret trends at category, segment and brand level in the US On Premise, contact Matthew Crompton at matthew.crompton@nielseniq.com.  
Click here to read more about top cocktail trends in 2023, and click here for insights into velocity hotspots in the market. To learn more about CGA’s Cocktail Report and the Quarterly Sales Tracker, download here.

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