Spirits and social occasions rule the festive high tempo occasion

Social occasions and Christmas markets are set to bring high tempo On Premise visitors out in crowds this festive period.
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CGA by NIQ’s exclusive Evolving High Tempo Occasion Report provides expert analysis of crucial shifts in behaviour on these visits. Understanding changing priorities for these potential big spenders and identifying what high quality experiences look like now will be crucial if operators and suppliers are to unlock spending over Christmas celebrations and into 2024.  


Of consumers who visit pubs, bars, and restaurants for high tempo occasions, 3 in 5 report that they do at Christmas time, and almost 9 in 10 of these consumers are likely to do so the same amount, or more frequently over the festive period compared to the rest of the year.  


High Tempo occasions during the festive period are driven by social activities like celebrations with friends (39%), Christmas meals/parties with colleagues (34%), and celebrating with family (34%). Additionally, consumers say they are likely to head to the On Premise for special events like New Year’s Eve parties and visiting Christmas markets. 


Spirits come out on top for the festive high tempo occasion, with cocktails (36%) and vodka (25%) leading in drinks choice amongst consumers. Sparkling wine comfortably sits within the top 5 drinks choices for these occasions. CGA’s exclusive Wine Impact Report reveals an overlap between the sparkling wine and cocktail categories, offering plenty of opportunity to encourage consumers to trade up this season. 


“Identifying what high quality experiences look like for the festive season will be crucial if operators and suppliers are to unlock spending throughout the winter season and into 2024,” said Paul Bolton, CGA by NIQ client director, “With disposable incomes under pressure, those heading out the celebrate want to be sure they’re getting good value for money and memorable experiences to share with friends and family.” 


CGA’s Evolving High Tempo Occasion Report provides deep dives into areas including big nights out, ticketed events, bottomless brunches and pub or bar crawls, plus insights from more occasions like competitive socialising and themed events. It helps suppliers understand consumers’ reasons for visit and need states and pinpoint the role of different drink categories along the occasion journey. Consumer intercepts in city centres and suburban areas add in-the-moment insights into behaviours. To learn more about the report, download information here, or contact paul.bolton@nielseniq.com. 

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