Social media and menus help cocktails flourish in France’s On Premise

New research from CGA by NielsenIQ reveals the importance of consumers’ online and in-outlet paths to purchase to help influence cocktail consumption in the mixed drinks market that suppliers and operators need to grow sales in 2023.

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The France Mixed Drinks Report, based on a survey of 5,000 French On Premise consumers, shows more than two in five (43%) now drink cocktails out of home—an increase of seven percentage points in only 12 months. Just over a quarter (28%) are drinking cocktails more often than they were a year ago, while more than half (53%) say they buy them every or almost every time they go out.


The France Mixed Drinks Report delivers much more analysis of consumers’ engagement with cocktails and their paths to purchase. The research uncovers major opportunities for suppliers to influence purchasing decisions.


Online visibility has become more important in the eyes of the consumer as nearly a fifth (18%) browse online cocktail menus and a venue’s social media pages before going out, while a third (32%) check customers’ reviews.


Menu descriptions, recommendations, and images are cocktail drinkers’ three top reasons influencing their cocktail choice when visiting bars and restaurants. In addition, menu descriptions and relevant images creating a well-presented menu is essential to stimulate consumer interest.


Cocktail consumers are likely to try new or different drinks when out (45%), so visibility here becomes even more important and suppliers working with the establishments to leverage this visibility is key and can help supplement further advertising opportunities in outlet.


The Report also explores consumers’ taste preferences, with the mojito and rum still France’s most popular cocktail and mixed drinks spirit – while Aperol Spritz are gaining in popularity; now ranking within the top 10 cocktails typically drank by all consumers. However, growing appetites for experimentation, new brands or flavours and low or no alcohol alternatives are all opening up new avenues for On Premise suppliers.


Julien Veyron, CGA Client Solutions Director – France, said: “Cocktails are one of the fastest growing and dynamic categories in France’s On Premise, and they have attracted many new drinkers since the end of COVID restrictions. With competition becoming intense, it is vital for suppliers here to understand consumers’ changing preferences and habits and adapt strategies accordingly. Digital and physical menus are emerging as a key point of influence, and positioning brands well here and across social media will be a major step to success.“


CGA by NielsenIQ’s Mixed Drinks Report is available to purchase now. To learn how it can support the sales and marketing strategies of all suppliers in France’s On Premise, please contact Julien Veyron at

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