Rise of Experience-Driven Entertainment Venues in Italy On Premise

Cost pressures and Interest in competitive socialising is increasing demand for entertainment-led venues in Italy, CGA by NIQ’s latest Consumer Pulse Report reveals.

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The popularity of entertainment and experience-based visits brings opportunities for drinks suppliers and operators to build sales and brand loyalty—despite the impact of the cost-of-living crisis on people’s spending.  


The Consumer Pulse Report shows more than a quarter (28%) of consumers are currently going out less often than usual—a higher number than the 23% who are going out more often. Over half say the cost of living crisis is either severely impacting (15%) or moderately impacting (39%) them at the moment. 


With spending tight, consumers are seeking full value for money when they go out—and entertainment-led venues that can provide more than just food and drink are well placed to provide it. Around a quarter (26%) of consumers say they have been to a restaurant with entertainment like concerts, DJ sets and shows in the last three months, and nearly half (48%) would be interested in venues like these. Places that offer bowling and bingo are among those gaining popularity at the moment. 


The new research provides analysis of the way consumers engage with experience-led venues, including a peak in interest at dinner. Nearly half (49%) of consumers say they usually order beer at these venues, making it the most popular category ahead of cocktails (45%), aperitifs (45%) and wine (34%). Guests also over-index for cocktails including Sex on the Beach, Mojito and Cuba libre, and more than half (56%) say they like trying new or different drinks brands—making these venues ideal for activations and encouraging trial. 


In Italy’s diverse and dynamic Horeca market, which boasts over 400,000 outlets, understanding how consumers’ behaviours are changing, in turn with how the outlet landscape is evolving, is essential in optimising robust brand and category sales strategies. CGA’s Outlet Index reveals how the market is made up of different channel types including multi-purpose bars and different types of restaurants. This, combined with specialist horeca consumer research, allows manufacturers to effectively target and identify gaps in their distribution footprint across these event-led venues to drive sales.  


Daniela Cardaciotto, CGA by NIQ’s Italy On Premise sales leader, said: “Venues providing entertainment and other experiences are increasingly attractive to Italian consumers who want to get full value from their out-of-home visits. The cost-of-living crisis continues to put pressure on people’s spending, but these venues are emerging as an excellent place for suppliers to establish drinks brands and attract new buyers. Interest in this channel is likely to grow further, so brands and manufactures who can identify consumers’ unique needs now can help craft effective channel strategies for growth in the future.” 


To read the full Italy Consumer Pulse Report, click here. 


CGA by NIQ’s Consumer Pulse reports and On Premise User Survey deliver expert analysis of people’s engagement with Italy’s On Premise. Various OPUS services are available to help businesses achieve quick gains in category and channel share and improve long-term strategic planning. Bespoke research is also available to explore topics, channels and categories in detail. To discover more, contact Daniela Cardaciotto here.   

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