91% of On Premise consumers in Mexico plan to travel domestically for Spring Break

Domestic vacations are an ideal opportunity for drinks brands, suppliers, and operators to tap into a highly receptive market with a focus on relaxation.

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CGA by NIQ’s latest Mexico On Premise Consumer Pulse Report reveals an overwhelming 91% of consumers planning vacations during the Spring Break period are opting for domestic travel over international destinations. Destinations Cancún and Puerto Vallarta top the list of hotspots.


Accommodation choices reveal a leaning towards standard hotel chains, with over 2 in 5 travellers planning to stay in these establishments. This preference highlights the importance of hotel bars and restaurants, which half of consumers surveyed intend to visit during Spring Break, alongside formal and casual dining restaurants.


In terms of drinks choices, beer tops the table, with 7 in 10 consumers planning to drink it when they’re out during Spring Break, closely followed by tequila and soft drinks. With many consumers intending to include beach parties and nightclubs on their social itineraries, the vibrancy of Spring Break and the multiple opportunities for brands and venues to create memorable experiences are further underlined.


The sheer volume of domestic travellers intending to visit the On Premise during their vacations demonstrates the sector’s critical role in the overall Spring Break experience. It’s an emerging pattern reflecting a strong desire amongst Mexicans to explore different parts of their country and potentially exhibit different behaviours to normal.


CGA’s On Premise User Survey (OPUS) offers further valuable insights into how different brands and drinks categories can be strategically leveraged across various channels to maximise engagement and sales. Understanding these dynamics is crucial for tapping into the Spring Break market effectively.


Mauricio Castellanos, CGA by NIQ Leader Mexico, said: “As Spring Break approaches, the message is clear. Domestic travel for this lively annual celebration is a booming market segment filled with opportunities for both the drinks industry and the On Premise. The insights from the Report equip brands, suppliers, and operators to capitalise on this surge, creating unforgettable experiences for consumers, driving sales and growing brand equity amidst a competitive landscape.”


Click here to read the full Mexico On Premise Consumer Pulse Report. The report is just one of CGA by NIQ’s many tools to help suppliers unlock sales, and CGA’s expert team is available to provide custom research, consumer segmentations and analysis to optimise assortment. To learn more, contact Mauricio Castellanos here.

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