Maximizing opportunities in the Italian On Premise with CGA’s Outlet Index 

CGA by NIQ ‘s Outlet Index reveals fascinating insights into the dynamic Italian On Premise, offering a unique opportunity for suppliers, operators, and distributors to revolutionize their sales strategy and stay ahead of the curve.

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Italy boasts a vibrant HoReCa landscape with over 400,000 outlets, including bars, restaurants, hospitality services, and leisure venues like ice cream shops, bakeries, rotisseries, and delicatessens. CGA’s Outlet Index data reveals that 17% of licensed outlets in Italy are largely concentrated around 12 large metropolises. The concentration of these preferences within urban city centres is evident, with 44% of venues located in these bustling hubs. However, if we delve into the world of wine bars and pre-evening venues, the concentration soars even higher (60%).   


Interestingly, the Italian On Premise also shares an intricate bond with the tourism industry, with 40% of outlets located in coastal municipalities and among these 10% are located on beaches. Additionally, over 80% of hotels and B&Bs are situated in municipalities boasting a high or medium-high tourist index. By leveraging these invaluable insights in the robust and comprehensive Outlet Index database, On Premise brands can optimise their sales and distribution strategy to efficiently target venues in Italy’s most sought-after urban and tourist destinations. 


In the dynamic world of Italian On Premise dining, food consumption in bars predominantly revolves around specific occasions. Notably, 48% of bars have breakfast as the main occasion, followed by 30% lunch. These insights underscore the immense potential for bars to optimize their offerings during these peak times. By introducing a diverse and appealing range of food options for breakfast and lunch, bars can cater to the tastes of a large portion of their clientele and, in turn, significantly enhance sales. 


Within a diverse culinary landscape, Italian gastronomy holds sway, with Italian Restaurants comprising more than half (54%) of the country’s dining scene. Pizzerias follow closely behind (19%), while pizza restaurants, foreign restaurants with ethnic cuisine, takeaways, sandwich shops or piadinerias, and fast-food restaurants complete the tapestry of Italian dining, each adding its unique flavour to the mix. Within the spectrum of Italian restaurants, approximately 13% achieve a high or medium-high premiumisation index, offering a gourmet experience that sets them apart. 


Understanding these nuanced preferences is the key to the heart of Italian consumers, allowing for the creation of finely tailored brand and marketing strategies that resonate with the daily rhythms and habits of the target group. CGA’s Outlet Index serves as a strategic partner for brands seeking success in the Italian On Premise market.  


Daniela Cardaciotto, CGA by NIQ’s Senior Sales Consultant said, “In the ever-evolving world of Italy’s vibrant On Premise sector, Outlet Index isn’t just data; it’s your trusted local guide, leading you through the intricate tapestry of Italian consumption. It’s the compass that ensures your brand aligns seamlessly with the daily rhythms of Italy’s unique way of life, helping you make informed, locally relevant decisions and discover the true essence of success. The Outlet Index is your key to unlocking the Italian dream, one sip at a time.” 


Outlet Index is a robust outlet universe database, covering and segmenting all On Premise outlets available within the market to the CGA global market segmentation. 

To learn more about CGA’s Outlet Index and how it supports suppliers’ sales and marketing strategies across Italy’s On Premise, contact Daniela Cardaciotto at 

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