1 in 3 open to trial new drinks and drinks brands in Mexico’s On Premise: how to influence paths to purchase

New CGA by NIQ research shows consumers in Mexico’s bars and restaurants are keen to try new drinks and brands—but understanding their paths to purchase is key to securing their spend.

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CGA’s Summer On Premise User Survey (OPUS) reveals nearly half (48%) of the country’s consumers like to try new and different drinks or drinks brands—more than the 39% who always choose the same ones.  


A third (33%) say they look for new drinks and brands when they are inside a venue, making this a more important factor than cheap drinks (21%) or discounts (24%) when deciding what to drink. With 32% likely to pay more for a better-quality drink, there are also some good opportunities to drive trade-ups to more premium serves and brands. 


To influence these consumers, operators and brands need to pinpoint the best ways to engage them during this decision-making process. The 2023 Winter OPUS shows that 42% of guests in casual dining restaurants don’t decide what to drink until they are inside a venue, which provides plenty of room to intervene as they make their decisions. The two most important factors are prices and menu, which are key influences for 47% and 41% of consumers in casual dining venues respectively. 


CGA’s Winter OPUS research reveals many more factors in decision-making processes—especially the presentation of drinks (30%) and recommendations from bartenders (28%). Other key steps along paths to purchase include Happy Hour deals (22%), in-venue advertising (21%) and how the drinks are displayed (21%). 


It is also crucial to understand the motivations behind consumers’ drinks choices. Over half (59%) say they choose a drink for enjoyment, and nearly as many select them to relax (53%), for a treat (50%), or to have fun (43%). 


Mauricio Castellanos, CGA by NIQ client success leader, Mexico, said: “Mexico’s On Premise is a great place to launch new drinks brands and achieve trial and trade-ups. To do that successfully, suppliers must keep a laser focus on people’s decision-making processes and need states. Our research is here to help them make effective interventions at every stage of a guest’s journey through a venue. We’re excited to help businesses make the most of all the exciting opportunities across Mexico’s diverse channels.” 


OPUS provides many more insights into consumers’ engagement and purchasing decisions in all On Premise channels, plus an expert analysis of categories, occasions and much more. To learn more about CGA’s OPUS solution delivering in-depth insights into consumer behaviour, and explore opportunities for tailored analysis, email Mauricio Castellanos at mauricio.castellanos@nielseniq.com.   


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