Growth in non-alcoholic subcategories shows opportunity for the Canadian On Premise

This year, the On Premise has seen a proportion of consumers increasing their non-alcoholic drink consumption and around 1 in 6 of On Premise visitors trying a non-alcoholic drink in the past year. CGA by NIQ’s On Premise consumer research explores how consumers are navigating the category through subcategory, occasions, channels, and more.

May’s Canada On Premise Pulse Report recently provided an update on the rise of non-alcoholic drinks category at a high level, whilst the latest large scale consumer study OPUS provides deeper analysis on the in-channel dynamics that are shifting for the category and its consumers.


The report shows how non-alcoholic cocktails are the most popular drink in the category, followed by beer, spirits, and wine options. Younger consumers (19-34) are driving consumption of non-alcoholic options, most notably with non-alcoholic spirits and mocktails, making this an attractive consumer group to understand more as they develop their consumption behaviours in the channel. For suppliers and operators, it’s incredibly important to understand the demographics of the typical non-alcoholic consumer, understanding the age, gender splits, typical income can inform strategies and help to proactively plan around the desires of consumer groups to navigate the correct assortment based on preferences.


Looking at consumption habits,  those that drink non-alcoholic drinks when out, almost half said they would solely drink non-alcoholic drinks on one visit and almost 3 in 5 said they would drink a mix of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. This highlights the flexibility of the consumer when it comes to non-alcoholic drinks, whilst a high proportion would stick to non-alcoholic options, there’s still a high percentage of consumers that are switching between non and alcoholic options during a visit, providing an opportunity to influence a wider audience to the non-alcoholic choices.


Mitch Stefani, Client Solutions Director – Americas said: “Non-alcoholic consumption is something we are continuously monitoring amidst its growth and widening reach to specific consumer groups with the options that are currently being made available. As we move through summer, we will be tracking the seasonality of non-alcoholic consumption to further identify the trajectory of the opportunity for the category.” 


CGA by NIQ’s Spring On Premise User Survey (OPUS) provides the latest robust data on consumer engagement with non-alcoholic alternatives, looking into occasions, frequency and drivers behind decision making. The full report assesses consumer preferences specifically in bars and restaurants, tackling path to purchase behaviours, category and brand consumption, in-outlet trends and deep dives into these essential insights, providing actionable learnings to tailor On Premise strategies. To learn more about OPUS Canada, contact Mitch Stefani, Client Solutions Director – North America at


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