The popularity of Non-Alcoholic drinks continues in Canada’s On Premise

CGA by NIQ’s latest Canada On Premise Pulse Report takes a closer look at the growing appetite for new generation non-alcoholic drinks, and reflects on the opportunities these on-trend ranges represent to drinks brands and operators.
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While around half of the category are consuming non-alcoholic drinks the same amount as last year, notable proportion are also increasing their consumption. With the increasing amount of options coming forward within the category, consumers are naturally seeing this availability in bars and restaurants (2 in 5).


Looking at specific Non-Alcoholic options, consumers are showing a preference for Mocktails over the likes of Spirits and Beer offerings. Consumers (40%) state they are seeing the largest number of mocktail options when they look at drinks menus.


Overall, consumers who enjoy quenching their thirst with the latest non-alcoholic drinks ranges are doing so more frequently when out visiting the On Premise. In addition, there is a lack of price sensitivity around the category. These combined factors represent an exceptional opportunity for drinks brands and operators to carefully consider how non-alcoholic drinks can help increase both market share and spend per wallet. CGA’s OPUS provides deeper insights into consumers’ engagement with the Non-Alc category and can help pinpoint opportunities for growth.


Mitch Stefani, Client Solutions Director saidNon-Alcoholic options continue to grow in awareness among consumers and we are actively seeing new offerings being incorporated on menus in bars and restaurants. The category is attracting younger consumers and with a growing assortment, a wide range of occasions and opportunities exist with suppliers and operators to leverage these products.”


CGA by NIQ’s Canada On Premise Impact Reports provides suppliers and manufacturers across food and beverage with subscription access to the latest updates of consumer behaviours and sales velocities, enabling them to keep a pulse on the industry with the latest insights.


CGA’s On Premise Consumer Impact Report is consumer research tracks current behaviour among On Premise visitors. To find out more about the full subscription of reports, including analytics, download more information here, and the latest On Premise snapshot can be found here, or email Mitch Stefani, Client Solutions Director – Americas at

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