Drinks brands and ranging remains important to Canada’s consumers

CGA’s Consumer Pulse Survey reveals high consumer satisfaction levels with On Premise visits, familiarity in drinks/brands choice and positive outlook for fall/winter months
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As markets continue to reopen across Canada and consumers make their welcomed return visits to the channel, satisfaction levels remain high— with the latest research indicating that 90% of consumers are very satisfied/satisfied with their overall visits. Factors driving this high level of satisfaction include the overall quality of service and the time it takes to place an order.  


These high satisfaction levels have meant 54% of consumers have visited the On Premise 3 or more times since reopening, and 45% of visitors have supported local bars/restaurants in this period. Venues offering outdoor seating and patios are likely to have also complimented these visits, as previous CGA research indicates. Lifting of restrictions across provinces continue to boost consumer confidence and it’s apparent that venues and brands are positively engaging consumers as they return to the On Premise.    


When visiting the On Premise, nearly 6 in 10 consumers are choosing drinks brands they are familiar with, opting for tried and trusted drinks/brands they prefer and can expect on their visits out. Beer leads the way for categories drank in bars and restaurants since reopening, followed by wine and cocktails.  


Not only are consumers looking for familiarity when visiting the channel, they also continue to be cost-conscious in their choice of drink—3 in 4 consumers have purchased value drinks/brands during their visits. While this is a significant proportion, 52% of consumers have also opted for premium drinks/brand suggesting many are likely to trade-up when they visit. Supporting this positive sign for bars, restaurants, and suppliers, 75% of consumers are now spending the same or more than pre-COVID-19.  


This shows the growing importance of catering to shifting consumer needs, and the opportunity available for operators to stock a range of brands to accommodate pricing assortment, offering clear varieties from value brands to premium, with the ability to target tradeup behavior” says Mitch Stefani, Client Solutions Manager, Americas.  


The data also highlights a small proportion of consumers (16%) who state that there will be reluctance to visit the On Premise as new COVID-19 variants emerge. Looking ahead to the approaching fall and winter months, a positive outlook on visitation appears stronger in comparison.  


Over 4 in 5 consumers plan to spend more or the same amount on alcohol in bars and restaurants during the fall/winter months compared to summer. Alongside this, three-quarters plan to visit more or the same amount in fall/winter vs summer, with over half planning to visit the On Premise weekly over the coming months.  


CGA’s consumer research sampled over 1,200 On Premise consumers across four key provinces (Ontario, Alberta, British Columbia and Quebec) from August 2 – 5. To access the latest Canada On Premise Pulse report, click here. 


CGA continues to dive into analysis of understanding On Premise consumers with monthly pulse reports. The next Pulse Report will explore consumer perceptions around rising cases of the Delta variant and how this might impact their On Premise visitation, as well as what venues can do to reassure them. It will also look at what motivates people to visit the On Premise versus consuming BevAl in-home and vice versa. 


CGA’s On Premise User Survey (OPUS) will be available in October for in-depth analysis on several key aspects to support 2020 On Premise planning. 


To learn more about CGA’s consumer reporting and how it can support suppliers and operators in understanding the demands and habitsof consumersin the OnPremise, please contactMitch Stefani atmitch.stefani@cgastrategy.com 



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