Vietnam’s Quán nhậu channel dynamics in flux

Visitation to Vietnam’s On Premise is high as consumers frequently visit many different channels in the market – but there’s dynamics at play that offer winning opportunities for beverage suppliers, reveals CGA by NIQ, the global On Premise data and insights consultancy.

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Nếu bạn muốn đọc bài viết này bằng tiếng Việt, vui lòng bấm vào đây

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Vietnamese consumers are one the most engaged On Premise user groups across the globe. This love affair with the On Premise sector resonates considerably, as not only do 87% of On Premise visitors visit the channel at least weekly, but visits are driven by multiple occasions to many different channels.


While food-led venues are the most popular On Premise channels visited (53%), beer gardens (39%) and bars (31%) are also extremely popular. This vast market brings significant differences within channels – offering opportunities to create distinct winning channel strategies.


Visitors to Quán nhậu are typically led by visits for after work drinks, special occasions and high tempo drinks, while Quán ăn are primarily visited for casual meals. When choosing a specific venue, Vietnamese consumers value recommendations from friends/ family (26%) or online reviews (26%) to judge venues and do take hygiene ratings into consideration (28%).


With a loyal consumer base visiting Quán nhậu venues frequently, and those typically visiting for drink-led occasions (+3pp vs Nhà hang venues), 87% of Quán nhậu visitors are likely to pay extra for a better-quality drink. The channel offers suppliers a plethora of opportunities to grow sales.


In addition, top categories typically drank in venues differ. Within Quán nhậu, there’s a battle of Beers (Domestic (48%) and Imported (36%)), followed by Soft drinks and Rice Wine, while in Quán ăn venues soft drinks (43%) is the leading category here. In bars however, Cocktails and Spirits are the most popular choice.


The top drinks categories consumers would also consider drinking within channels vary from those typically drank. In Hotels for example, energy drinks enter the top 5 ranking, while currently at the lower end of the scale in typical consumption. In Quán nhậu venues, Imported beer (15%) is top in the category list, followed by Craft beer (13%), while Vodka (11%) is also favourable.


These channel behaviours demonstrate the opportunities at play for beverage suppliers, and being armed with these insights reveals potential headroom growth for brands in these venues.


As the data reveals notable consumer behaviour differences across channels, there are also important dynamics CGA insights reveal across the key regions of Vietnam – suggesting there is significant influence that regions have for the wider On Premise channel and understanding these nuances will allow for effective strategy to drive growth.


Scott Elliott, CGA’s Managing Director of Expansion Markets, said: “Quán nhậu is a hugely valuable channel for beverage suppliers in the market. These different consumer behaviours, drivers of visitation and category engagement underlines the importance of having optimised channel strategies in place to effectively target consumers – a ‘one size fits all’ approach won’t work in a competitive market. No one supports the On Premise sector more than the Vietnamese consumer, and with this comes plentiful opportunities to recruit new drinkers to categories, as an audience who are eager to try new and interesting brands and pay more for better quality drinks. Our research into regional trends adds another invaluable layer of insights suppliers need to optimise On Premise strategies.”


OPUS offers an unparalleled understanding of On Premise behaviours, occasions and preferences alongside the ability to uniquely profile specific brand and category consumers as well as the most valuable sub-channels.


Accessible via a package of core outputs and custom projects, and a proprietary self-serve platform, OPUS is the single source of understanding what consumers are doing in the On Premise and why. To learn more about CGA’s consumer research across Vietnam, download more information here, or contact Scott Elliott at or Tony Auvray at

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