Unlocking new opportunities for beverage brands in Taiwan’s On Premise with CGA by NIQ’s expertise and solutions

With over 30 years of proven experience measuring consumer behavior, market universes, and sales performance for beverage brands within the On Premise sector, CGA by NIQ continues to expand its horizons by launching innovative solutions in Taiwan.

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CGA’s On Premise User Survey (OPUS), a bi-annual survey of 3,500 On Premise users in Taiwan, tracks consumer engagement with restaurants, hotels, bars, karaoke venues, and other food and beverage premises across the country. It uncovers detailed insights into channel behavior, needs, and preferences, enabling beverage brands to create compelling sales narratives. 


With 66% of consumers going out for food or drinks in a licensed venue weekly and 25% doing so monthly, Taiwan’s On Premise remains a pivotal channel for beverage suppliers and manufacturers. Despite the rising cost of living, 32% of consumers plan to prioritize On Premise visits over other non-essentials, especially for special occasions. Moreover, 92% of consumers predict that they will maintain or increase their visits to hospitality venues in 2024 compared to last year. 


OPUS highlights that the demographic driving On Premise visitation is primarily younger to mid-aged, high-income groups residing in urban areas. This segment, characterized by high earnings and substantial spending, presents significant opportunities for premiumization within the On Premise sector. 


For dining out, Taiwanese consumers show a strong preference for specific channels and beverages. Chinese and Asian restaurants are by far the most popular venues, followed by hotels, bars, karaoke venues, and banquet halls. In terms of drink preferences, beer leads with a 48% preference rate, closely followed by whiskey at 44%. 


OPUS provides actionable strategies for identifying premiumization opportunities, targeting specific occasions and channels, focusing on key cities and regions, and exploring potential in various drinks categories. It also helps in understanding consumer influences that dictate purchasing decisions, enabling brands to leverage these insights effectively.  


Louis Liao, CGA by NIQ’s client solutions leader, said: “Understanding the intricacies of consumer behavior in Taiwan’s On Premise market is vital for brands looking to thrive in this competitive market. Used by the majority of the leading beverage brands around the world, OPUS has been proven time and again to offer the richest insights available anywhere into the On Premise consumer’s behaviors, preferences, and decision-making. Our insights and expertise provide the foundation for strategic growth and market penetration. We’re excited to help businesses achieve expert knowledge and unlock new sales opportunities.” 


Furthermore, OPUS will be complemented by CGA by NIQ’s Outlet Index this year, providing a complete view of the addressable market and details all licensed outlets across Taiwan, including attributes like location and segments. Together, these services offer customized analysis based on client needs, laying the groundwork for suppliers and manufacturers to grow sales and market share in Taiwan. 


CGA’s On Premise solutions have been proven unequivocally to be a game-changer for brand owners who need robust insights to invest intelligently and grow their On Premise sales through commercially focused insights. 


CGA offers various OPUS packages to suit all needs, plus bespoke expert analysis for even deeper insights. To learn more about CGA by NIQ’s services in Taiwan and how they can help beverage suppliers win in the market, please contact Louis Liao here. 

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