How to win loyalty and take share in Mexico’s On Premise

Mexican consumers are eager to try new drinks brands and categories—and research from CGA by NIQ reveals what suppliers need to do to capture their spending and loyalty.

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Consumers buy an average of 3.8 drinks per visit to a bar or restaurant, but only a third (33%) choose the same drink throughout. Two thirds either switch to different brands within a category (35%) or move to other categories (32%).


Among these consumers, more than two in five say they change because they like to experiment with new and different drinks. This highlights the potential for suppliers to generate trial of brands—but only if they engage consumers in the right ways.


CGA’s research emphasises the importance of recommendations as an influence on choices. Over a third (37%) of consumers who switch categories on a visit say they do so because of menu recommendations, while 28% and 23% can switch after recommendations from bartenders and servers respectively.


Friends and family also have a significant influence on purchasing decisions. Nearly half (46%) of those who stick with the same brand throughout a visit say they could change their habits based on the people they are visiting with.


With well over a third (36%) of consumers going out less frequently because of the increased cost of eating and drinking out, price can be a powerful driver of choice. Nearly a quarter (23%) of those who currently switch categories during a visit say they are influenced by promotional category deals at different times of day.


As well as revealing ways to generate switches, CGA’s Mexico On Premise Consumer Pulse Report shows what suppliers can do to build brand loyalty. Half (50%) of consumers say good quality would encourage them to stick with the same drink or brand, while 44% would do so if it was good value for money. A correct serve (24%) and consistency (24%) are also important things to get right.


Understanding paths to purchase is particularly vital in hyper-competitive categories like tequila—Mexico’s second favourite drink in the On Premise after beer. CGA’s OPUS research shows flavour and type are the top two factors in tequila choice, cited by 43% and 30% of consumers respectively. As with the market in general, recommendations (20%) and price points (19%) can be effective too.


Mauricio Castellanos, CGA by NIQ’s client solutions manager, Mexico, said: “Mexico’s bars and restaurants are perfect platforms to build brand equity and develop new products. Consumers are ready and willing to try new drinks, and suppliers that capture their attention and build their trust can secure long-term loyalty. But in such a competitive market, it’s not easy for brands to stand out from the crowd. Mapping consumers’ paths to purchase and influencing the recommendations and other factors that impact their selections are the first steps towards success in this dynamic market.”


Click here to read the full Mexico On Premise Consumer Pulse Report. It’s just one of CGA by NIQ’s many tools to help suppliers discover the trends driving drink choice in Mexico’s On Premise, understand motivations and influences and craft compelling brand experiences. To learn more about CGA by NIQ’s research capabilities and sources of intelligence on paths to purchase, and much more, contact Mauricio Castellanos here.

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