The Day of the Dead (Día de Muertos) that the living celebrate

Día de Muertos is a celebration that dates back to pre-Hispanic times and continues to be a very important holiday for Mexicans. On the other hand, Halloween is another festivity that in recent years has become very popular in the country.

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It might be thought that the Day of the Dead ritual is traditionally carried out in cemeteries, but the reality is that in Mexico it is already a reason to celebrate and with it, visit restaurants, bars, nightclubs, cafes, among other establishments – 48% of consumers plan to visit these sites on this day.


65% of consumers planning to visit the On Premise to celebrate Día de Muertos are expected to go to restaurants, 36% to a bar, 34% to nightclubs, while 28% to a coffee shop or similar establishment, 54% will do so as a couple, 54% with friends, 26% with family with children, while 18% with family, but without infants. The favorite drinks on this day are beer, tequila and whiskey; with 70%, 48% and 34% of preference respectively.


For Halloween, 59% of Mexicans surveyed will celebrate in bars, restaurants and other places. In this sense, the most popular establishments to do so are restaurants (56%), followed by night bars with 45%.


Unlike Día de Muertos, for Halloween Mexicans prefer to celebrate with friends with 63% of the preference, then as a couple with 58%, 24% with their colleagues and followed by families with children with 20%. In terms of beverages, beer will be the most popular beverage category to be consumed during the occasion, as 7 out of 10 will opt for it, while half of consumers plan to drink tequila.


In addition, Mexicans are most likely to plan to celebrate Halloween the weekend before the occasion, while about a quarter of them plan to celebrate on Tuesday, October 31.


“The second half of the year is the one with the most seasonality. Día de Muertos and Halloween are undoubtedly one of the most relevant in Mexico, since they imply an important change in consumer behavior. Undoubtedly, having a complete vision of Mexican consumers’ buying preferences allows brands and/or establishments to present different sales strategies and discounts that keep them competitive during this season” said Mauricio Castellanos, CGA leader at NIQ Mexico.



The Consumer Pulse research is just one of CGA by NIQ’s many tools to help suppliers unlock sales opportunities. CGA’s expert team provide support with custom research, consumer segmentation, bartender trends and assortment selection, with analysis tailored to businesses’ needs. To learn more, email Mauricio Castellanos at

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