South Korea’s Beverage industry set to soar with CGA by NIQ’s On Premise roadmap

CGA is continuing to expand their global reach at pace and bringing a host of proven, best-in-class consumer, analytics and measurement solutions to South Korea.

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CGA by NIQ are the market leading research experts for the On Premise channel. With over 30 years of building expertise and innovation, with a focus on beverages within the On Premise, they have proven credentials, track record and breadth of experience of measuring sales performance within this dynamic channel.   

The CGA ‘On Premise toolkit’ has been honed over many years, in many markets, and has been proven unequivocally to be a game-changer for brand owners who need robust insights in order invest intelligently and grow their On Premise sales through commercially focused insights.  


Essential On Premise Consumer insights  

The product roadmap for South Korea is following a well-walked path and has begun with the provision of consumer insights all focused, uniquely, on the actual visitors to the On Premise. OPUS (On Premise User Study) is a broad and comprehensive consumer insight survey, to be used across multiple channels. There is simply no other consumer research program which offers the depth and richness of the On Premise visitor’s behaviour, needs, influences and brand/category preferences that OPUS does. Additionally, CGA has recently launched its monthly Consumer Pulse Reports, which act as a vital “temperature check” of the channel, providing monthly insights for the beverage sector, tracking consumer trends and behaviours. 


Optimising Customer planning & execution 

Following this, CGA’s Outlet Index service, having launched in 2023, strengthens suppliers’ knowledge through accurate channel planning and locational capabilities. Its database details all out-of-home and licensed outlets across the market, including attributes like location, segment and personalised licensed indicators, and can be fully customised to reflect client-specified outlet segmentations – ultimately setting the foundation of understanding a brand’s total addressable market.  


Robust Sales tracking vs the competition 

Next on the roadmap for South Korea is PurchaseTrak, launching this month with a phased approach. Powered by actual purchase data from many thousands of On Premise outlets, it gives brands an ultra-granular view of how beer, wine and spirits are being ordered and distributed across the country on a monthly basis. With this, brands have the distinct capability to see performance and opportunities regionally, improve category management, create informed sales decisions from volume, value and order rate insights and optimise strategies; all driven by timely market-level data giving visibility and transparency for success.  


BeverageTrak, launching early in 2024, is a new and unique sales tracking solution for South Korea. Being able to code and fully normalise hundreds of millions of transactions from disparate On Premise POS systems is perhaps one of the best examples of CGA’s truly differentiated, and unmatched skillset.  BeverageTrak allows drinks suppliers to see how their brands are selling to consumers, against the category and named competitors. These insights add incredible value to trade marketing tactics, activation plans and sales teams looking to understand low-level competitive dynamics.


Finally, coming soon in 2024, CGA will launch their full market On Premise Measurement solution (OPM), which is the global benchmark for channel performance tracking. When OPM lands in any market, it becomes a breakthrough moment for suppliers who need to understand their share of the channel, sub-channel, specific geographies and categories. In every market that benefits from OPM, every major player uses it in order to make better investment decisions which offer less risk and more defined upside assessment.    


Jaepil Sohn, Client Solutions Director at CGA, said: “CGA are delighted to bring these solutions to South Korea for the first time and, as proven in other regions, partnership and collaboration can only help this process. We hope that any supplier who is invested in this wonderful, experience-driven, and dynamic channel will continue to work with us to help bring these capabilities to life, for the benefit of the whole industry which has too long been without essential channel insights and data.” 


NIQ, with the support of CGA, now provides the Full View of the South Korean drinks Consumer and brand performance across both On- and- Off Premise integration.  

To learn more about CGA’s On Premise consumer research and market measurement capabilities in South Korea, please contact Jaepil Sohn at   



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