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Day: November 27, 2023

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Consumer Research

Building back for a sustainable future

68% of consumers in Britain say they are trying to lead an environmentally friendly lifestyle. This week Reuben Pullan, CGA by NIQ Senior Client Manager, presented ‘Creating A Sustainable Future in Foodservice’ for Arena – The Hospitality Network, and explored the current state of the nation and how to build back for a sustainable future.

Consumer Research

CGA reveals how to succeed in a polarised mixed drinks market

While the majority of consumers are sticking with tried and trusted cocktail serves there is a growing demand for experimentation within cocktails. Alongside this the market is increasingly polarised between the desire for premium, high quality serves and a demand for lower priced, good-value cocktails.

Consumer Research

Mapping the HoReCa universe in Austria

CGA by NIQ has launched its Global Outlet Index service in Austria, providing unprecedented HoReCa landscape analysis to help suppliers and operators revolutionize their strategy in the vibrant and ever-changing channel.

GO Technology

Age Matters: How Different Generations View Hospitality Annoyances

Critical generational differences in hospitality expectations are both rife and highly nuanced. The latest GO Technology report from Zonal, powered by CGA by NIQ, sheds light on the distinct frustrations and needs of various age groups, and provides signposts for venue operators to multiply consumer satisfaction and loyalty.


Day: November 27, 2023

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