Seizing the Health Wave in Italy’s Bars with No and Low Alcohol Drinks

Suppliers and operators in Italy’s bars and restaurants have the potential to grow no and low alcohol drinks sales as consumers start the year with a focus on their health.

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That is one of the many insights from CGA by NIQ’s new Consumer Pulse Report, which reveals the latest trends and opportunities in consumers’ behaviour. The December survey revealed that more than a fifth (22%) of consumers planned to stop drinking completely in January—rising to 30% of those aged 18 to 34. Another 40% of consumers intended to reduce their alcohol consumption.  


Abstaining from alcohol can reduce visits to bars and restaurants. Well over half (56%) of consumers who are moderating their intake said they would go out less often than usual during Dry January—far more than the 10% who intended to go out more.  


However, the month brings opportunities to grow people’s interest in alternatives to their usual alcoholic drinks. Three in five (61%) consumers said they planned to drink non-alcoholic options, with coffee, tea and soft drinks the top three choices. A fifth (20%) planned to try no or low alcohol variations of drinks like beer and cocktails.  


The Consumer Pulse survey suggests that the interest in healthy drinking and eating will extend well beyond Dry January. More than four in five (82%) consumers agree they will be prioritising health and wellbeing this year, and a third (32%) think they will regulate their alcohol consumption throughout the year.  


CGA’s research also highlights the ongoing effects of the cost of living crisis, and many people are likely to remain careful with their spending. More than a fifth (22%) of all consumers think they will visit venues less often in 2024 than they did in 2023—double the number (11%) who plan to go out more often. Older consumers are much more likely than average to reduce their spending, with half (49%) planning to go out less. Younger adults are far more enthusiastic: just 21% plan to go out less, while 56% intend to go out more. 


Daniela Cardaciotto, CGA by NIQ’s Senior Sales Consultant, said: “After a busy Christmas, January can be a challenging month for On Premise operators and suppliers. However, while consumers are watching their health and spending, many of them still want to enjoy themselves in bars and restaurants. Venues and suppliers that can work together on compelling alternatives to alcoholic drinks and deliver good value for money can tempt people out of home and start the year strongly. This is a perfect time to grow the appeal of no or low alcohol beer, wine, spirits and cocktails brands—not just throughout Dry January but all year round.” 


To read the full Consumer Pulse report, click here. 


CGA by NIQ’s Consumer Pulse reports and On Premise User Survey deliver expert analysis of people’s engagement with Italy’s On Premise. Various OPUS services are available to help businesses achieve quick gains in category and channel share and improve long-term strategic planning. Bespoke research is also available to explore topics, channels and categories in detail. To discover more, contact Daniela Cardaciotto at 


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