Satisfaction is high among visitors to bars and restaurants despite seeing price increases on drinks

Food-led occasions have driven visits over the past month, signature serves are a popular choice for more than half of cocktail drinkers and satisfaction levels with visits are high despite consumers seeing price increases on alcoholic drinks.
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CGA by NielsenIQ’s latest consumer impact report reveals 83% of consumers have visited the On Premise for food-led occasions in the past month, and 36% have visited for drink-led occasions. A catch up with friends and drinks with food continue to be the most popular occasions for visiting.  


Cocktails remain a popular choice for consumers when visiting bars and restaurants. Caesar cocktails have been engaged with most often, with almost 1/3 of cocktail drinkers having the serve in the last 3 months.  


Importantly, half of cocktail drinkers have had a signature serve cocktail in bars/restaurants in the past 3 months. Defined as ‘unique to the venue’, signature serves present venues and suppliers with opportunities to offer choice beverages which entice consumers into experimenting with new flavours, spirits and serves. 54% of those drinkers that have had signature cocktails, drank them every time/ almost every time on their visits, and strategically could suggest a popular drink option to serve if venues don’t already offer this.  


Two thirds of consumers say they haven’t seen a difference in the amount of drink options that are made available to them on their visits to the On Premise. Of the nearly 1 in 5 consumers that have noticed, Draft Beer and Wine selections are the categories where less options are being seen.  


In the past 3 months, 75% of consumers have seen an increase in prices of alcoholic drinks when visiting bars and restaurants. Due to this, 1 in 3 of those consumers have purchased fewer drinks than usual, however 23% said that it had no effect on their visit behaviour.  


When visiting bars and restaurants, 4 in 5 consumers have been satisfied with the quality of service. 3 in 4 have been satisfied with both the wait on food, and on drinks during their visits. 74% have also been satisfied with staff knowledge, suggesting that consumers have been looking to staff for recommendations. Staff recommendations play a vital role in influencing a consumers’ path to purchase and drink choice. Supplier and operators working together to leverage knowledgeable staff will not only keep consumers happy but help to influence sales.  


Looking ahead, Canada day presents another opportunity for a boost in sales for the On premise channel. 1 in 3 consumers plan to visit specifically for Canada day and beer is expected to be the most popular alcoholic drink category. 


Matthew Crompton, regional director – North America, said: “It’s no surprise that cocktails continue to be a popular choice when visiting bars and restaurants. While balancing potential concerns of price increases and reduced consumption, suppliers and operators are faced with multiple strategic initiatives that will help to continue driving consumer engagement including signature serves, offering the optimal drinks range, knowledgeable and friendly staff and taking full advantage of On Premise events this year – and CGA can offer analysis and strategic direction into each of these areas.” 


CGA by NielsenIQ’s On Premise consumer research is based on a survey from 1-6 June of over 1,198 consumers within Ontario, Alberta, British Columbia and Quebec who have visited On Premise venues in the past 3 months.   


To read more highlights from the report, clickhere.To learn more about CGA’s consumer and transaction-level research capabilities, pluscustomanalysis to support brand strategies,   


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