Paths to purchase in Mexico’s On Premise: Five CGA insights

The new On Premise User Survey from CGA by NIQ reveals the powerful online and offline influences on consumers’ decision-making in Mexico’s On Premise—and how suppliers can leverage them to win sales.

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The exclusive OPUS research shows four in five (80%) consumers browse online platforms before visiting a venue, which makes it vital to understand where, when and how to intervene on people’s digital journeys—as well as when they step through the doors. Here are five big touchpoints where market share can be won. 


1 Social media 

More than a third (36%) of Mexico’s On Premise consumers say they check a venue’s social media pages before visiting, and 35% of consumers state that social media has an impact on their choice of where to go. Establishing a strong brand presence on platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok is crucial in today’s landscape.. 


2 Recommendations 

Family and friends’ recommendations influence the decisions of two in five (40%) of consumers. Word-of-mouth marketing remains a powerful tool, and building brand advocates is an essential first step in achieving it. 


3 Reviews 

Three in ten (30%) consumers indicate that they are influenced by customer reviews. Encouraging positive reviews, and acting quickly to remedy any negative ones, has become a marketing priority for all On Premise businesses. 


4 Menus 

One-third (34%) of consumers browse online food menus before going out. This highlights the importance of easily accessible, user-friendly, and visually appealing menus, especially on smart phones. Operators prioritize attractive content, and suppliers that assist in creating it can position their brands favorably. With a third (32%) of consumers influenced by menu recommendations and drink descriptions—rising to 39% of wine, spirits and cocktail drinkers—it’s particularly important to optimize text to display brands in the best possible light. 


5 In-venue 

Although many consumers conduct extensive online research before going out, they remain open to spontaneous decisions. Over three-fifths (63%) of consumers say they switch drink categories or brands during a typical visit to Mexico’s On-Premise venues, primarily driven by a desire to try something new or experiment. This demonstrates that while online influences are increasing, in-venue activations still hold significant power in influencing purchases. 


“In an ultra-competitive On Premise like Mexico’s it is vital to understand each and every step that consumers’ take along their paths to purchase,” said Mike Rende, CGA associate client solutions manager – Americas. “Social media, review sites and other digital platforms have become major battlegrounds for consumers’ On Premise discovery and engagement, but more traditional influences like recommendations and menus remain very effective too. Suppliers who invest in consumer insights are best placed to respond with targeted and persuasive digital marketing, and to get a head start on partnerships with operators that bring mutual benefits.” 


CGA by NIQ’s On Premise User Survey provides many more insights into consumers’ paths to purchase in Mexico, and bespoke analysis is available to help suppliers craft winning strategies. To learn more, email Mike Rende at 


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