Path to purchase potential: Shaping consumer drink preferences in Mexico’s On Premise

CGA by NIQ highlights the importance of touchpoints throughout the consumer journey, and explores the best way to get your message across in an ultra-competitive market.

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1 in 4 On Premise consumers in Mexico report that they are currently visiting restaurants and bars less than usual. This is driven by cost of living increases, price increases in eating and drinking out, and having less disposable income than usual. Understanding the factors that influence drink choices in the ever-changing path to purchase has never been more important.


Around three quarters of On Premise consumers know what they will drink before visiting a venue at least some of the time. There are various factors behind this, most commonly who someone is going to a venue with (35%), whether they are on a food or drink-led occasion (34%) and what type of venue they are going to (33%). Out of those same consumers, 3 in 4 know what category they will be drinking before their visit and a quarter know the brand they will be ordering.


Almost half of consumers in Mexico check online menus, social media pages and customer reviews most, or every, time they plan to visit bars, restaurants, or similar venues. Venues that have a strong online presence and a well thought out digital marketing strategy to effectively capture consumers’ attention, will contribute to shaping these consumers preferences before they visit a venue.


In-venue opportunities to influence order decisions lie among those who wait until arriving at the venue to decide what to drink. More than half of On Premise consumers wait until they are at the venue before deciding what to drink at least some of the time, 2 in 5 wait most of the time, and 7% will always wait to make their choice after arrival. Over half (55%) of these consumers are influenced by the menu. Recommendations from family and friends influence over a third of consumers and over a quarter are influenced by recommendations from servers.


When browsing the menu, the most important factors reported by consumers who choose their drink after arriving are the price (52%), descriptions of the drink (49%), and pictures of the drinks (45%). Size matters for 2 in 5 consumers and a third will be influenced by recommendations included on the menu.


In-venue advertising helps 1 in 5 consumers decide what to order. Flyers on the table (64%), as well as advertisement boards inside (56%) and outside (47%) the venue are the most impactful methods to help shape drink choice. For the quarter of consumers who are influenced by offers/promotions, multibuy deals are the most impactful by a notable margin.


Mauricio Castellanos, CGA by NIQ sales leader Mexico said, “In an ultra-competitive market like Mexico’s, it is vital to understand every step that consumers’ take along their paths to purchase. Social media, review sites and other digital platforms play a role in On Premise discovery and engagement, but more traditional influnces like recommendations and menus remain very effective too. Suppliers who invest in consumer insights are best placed to respond with targeted and persuasive digital marketing, and to get a head start on partnerships with operators that bring mutual benefits.”


Click here to read the full Mexico On Premise Consumer Pulse Report. It’s just one of CGA by NIQ’s many tools to help suppliers unlock sales, and CGA’s expert team is available to provide custom research, consumer segmentations and analysis to optimise assortment. CGA’s On Premise User Survey provides deeper analysis of consumer visitation for celebratory occasions in Mexico’s On Premise. For suppliers and operators wanting to develop winning sales and marketing strategies and to learn more contact Mauricio Castellanos here.

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