Half of Consumers in Mexico Check Online Menus or Social Media Before Visiting Bars and Restaurants

Mexican consumers are increasingly looking online for inspiration before heading out, both on venues’ websites and also social media channels.

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The latest Mexico On Premise Consumer Pulse Report by CGA by NIQ underscores the enduring importance of the On Premise experience in consumers’ lives, demonstrating the necessity for drinks suppliers to identify and tap into the emerging trends that are shaping the future of eating and drinking out.


More than two thirds of Mexican consumers have eaten out at bars, restaurants and other venues in the past month, with an additional almost half going out just for a drink. These metrics mark a +4pp month-on-month uplift compared to February 2024. Furthermore, the intention to eat and drink out in the month ahead indicates a steady appetite for On Premise visitation.


The weekend continues to be the preferred time to visit, with almost three quarters of consumers frequenting bars and restaurants at least weekly. Notably, restaurants are the preferred venue type, though there has been a +5pp increase in visits to late night bars since February. Almost half of consumers are spending more or the same when they’re out, both overall and on a per visit basis.


On the other hand, a quarter of consumers are going out less frequently due to financial constraints, largely caused by general cost of living increases, price increases in the On Premise, and less disposable income than usual.


Digital engagement plays a crucial role in the decision-making process, with almost half of consumers checking online menus, social media pages and customer reviews most or every time they plan to go to a venue.


In venues with online menus, almost half of consumers still expect face-to-face in-venue interactions over digital, while a third now expect a mixture of both. Physical menus are still preferred by over a third of consumers for looking at the menu in-venue, and are expected on arrival by almost two thirds, while menu boards and/or screens are also expected by almost half of consumers.


On the other hand, digital elements are up by a third, appealing to current consumer behaviors and preferences around autonomy, choice and convenience. Of those who order digitally, 43% do because it’s faster, 41% to order at their own pace, and 34% for more browsing time, although only 17% would use a QR code. This digital pathway to purchase emphasizes the need for suppliers and operators to align their online presence with consumer expectations.


Mauricio Castellanos, CGA by NIQ Leader Mexico, said: “The Report sheds revealing light on the interplay between digital engagement and consumer behavior in Mexico’s On Premise sector. It demonstrates the imperative for understanding, adaption and close collaboration between drinks suppliers and operators. These factors are vital for leveraging digital tools to inform and influence consumer choices, while not losing sight of the irreplaceable value of human interaction. This balance of digital and personal touchpoints is key to strategic decision-making and growth in the vibrant but complex Mexican hospitality market.”


Click here to read the full Mexico On Premise Consumer Pulse Report. It’s just one of CGA by NIQ’s many tools to help suppliers unlock sales, and CGA’s expert team is available to provide custom research, consumer segmentations and analysis to optimise assortment. To learn more, contact Mauricio Castellanos, CGA by NIQ Leader Mexico, here.

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