CGA by NIQ launches its best-in-class Outlet Index service in Mexico

CGA by NIQ has launched its Global Outlet Index service in Mexico, providing unprecedented access and analysis on a quarterly frequency to help operators and suppliers understand the ever-changing On Premise channel.

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The impacts of COVID-19 have dramatically altered the landscape of bars, restaurants, hotels, and many other segments that make up the total On Premise universe. New to the Mexican market, CGA’s Outlet Index allows suppliers, operators, and distributors alike to identify their addressable market by tracking opens and closures, with the ability to efficiently target specific pockets of the On Premise channel and identify the growth opportunities across segment types in the market. 


Over 160,000 licensed outlets (outlets that can sell alcohol in their establishments) reside in Mexico, made of up of Restaurants (64%), Bars (21%), and Hotels (11%), along with Sports Clubs and Leisure venues such as Casinos, Movie Theatres and more. Over one-third of the sampled licensed outlets in Mexico lie within the top 3 counties: Distrito Federal, México county or Jalisco. Across each there are specific nuances in the outlet landscape, highlighting how their varied channel dynamics influence consumer behavior and drinks engagement.  


Setting the foundation for understanding the addressable market, Outlet Index has capabilities to take this above and beyond through custom segmentation. Custom Segmentation establishes synergy between brand strategy and tactics, supporting an insightful and efficient sales execution targeted towards the identified ideal outlets. 


Understanding these channel dynamics only scratches the surface of Outlet Index’s capabilities, as combining this dataset with CGA’s OPUS (On Premise User Survey) consumer research data also provides analysis of size of the prize for specific segments.  


Matthew Crompton, Regional Director – North America, said: “Outlet Index supports market penetration by segment, feeds directly into CRM systems, and can also be customized to match other internal segmentation profiles given the complexity of the On Premise Channel. With quarterly updates being made with this data set, CGA by NIQ will now be able to accurately depict the ongoing changes that take place in the On Premise Channel and identify what this means for the Restaurant and Beverage Industry.”


CGA will be continuously tracking how the market landscape evolves overtime, especially during the cost of living crisis and the effects this has on openings and closures within the market. On a quarterly basis clients will be able to access a fully refreshed market universe to ensure On Premise analysis.  


Outlet Index is a robust outlet universe database, covering and segmenting all On Premise outlets available within the market to the CGA global market segmentation. For more information on CGA by NIQ’s solutions for location planning and targeting, get in touch with Matthew Crompton at 

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