Out of Home food trends to watch in 2024

With the latest food trends constantly evolving, CGA by NIQ’s Food Insights Report 2023 reveals the big trends in out of home eating that are likely to continue into the new year and where the opportunities for suppliers and operators lie.
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The CGA by NIQ Food Insights23 Report reveals that almost half (45%) of consumers in Britain like to keep up with the latest trends and fashions. Keeping on top of these trends and understanding what might be coming next can help brands stay ahead in this competitive market.  


Here are 6 of the big food trends from the past year: 


1 Detroit style pizza 

A classic dish with a twist. This is typically a deep-dish pizza that stands out with a thick, airy, rectangular crust and has crispy, cheesy edges with tomato sauce on top. Almost a third of the consumers who have heard of this dish are willing to try it if it is easily available. 


2 Sustainable Eating – Foraging 

This is a trend, recently popularised on TikTok, that is easy to go wrong with if left to your own devices. The aim of many who seek out foraged food in the out of home, is to eat sustainably by eating from your own backyard instead of buying things that are shipped. 1 in 5 consumers have heard of this trend while 6% have tried it already double this many (18%) are willing to try it. 


3 Sweet Heat 

Move over sweet and sour, here comes sweet and spicy. The Food Insights report reveals the growing popularity of honey infused with chilli peppers, also known as Hot Honey. Seen as a healthier alternative to other sweet and sour sauces, the combination of sweetness and spicy has proven a popular choice has continued to grow in popularity.  


4 Watermelon… Fish? 

Marinated and cubed watermelon in a blend of seasonings to mimic tuna is regularly added to poke bowls, sushi, and more. Less common than other trends, 7% of consumers have encountered this vegan-friendly swap, but 12% are willing to give it a try.  


5 Bottomless Sunday Roasts 

Operators are starting to introduce bottomless Sunday roasts, which are proving to be appealing for boozy catch-ups with friends or a special celebration meal. Almost a third of consumers have heard of this new trend, 35% are willing to give it a go, and 12% have already tested the twist on this British classic. 


6 Sharing plates 

48% of consumers have ordered small/sharing plates when eating out in the last 6 months. They appeal to consumers that want to try different options (45%), enjoy variety that suits a whole group (37%), or enjoy more choice and flexibility (35%). Over a quarter of consumers see sharing plates as better value for money. 


Andy Hodgson, CGA by NIQ’s Senior Business Development Manager, said “Diners are more demanding than ever. To capture their spend and their loyalty, it’s vital to get an accurate, in-depth and data-driven understanding of the food and serves they want when they eat out. Our research builds the foundations for effective menu strategies to sustain sales and gain share in this competitive climate.” 


CGA by NIQ’s Food Insights 23 report is available now. Based on an in-depth survey of 2,000 consumers, it is packed with in-depth data and actionable insights on a wide range of out-of-home eating topics to help suppliers and operators respond nimbly to consumers’ latest habits and preferences. To learn more, click here and contact Andrew Hodgson at andrew.hodgson@nielseniq.com.  

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