Measuring your success in the Australian On Premise

CGA by NIQ’s On Premise Measurement service is the only fully projected, extensively validated, measure of beverage alcohol performance in the On Premise. Now available in Australia, the service is essential for beverage suppliers looking to understand their share of the channel, sub-channel, specific geographies, and categories.  


OPM helps make better investment decisions which offer less risk and more defined assessments, in an industry too long in the dark from access to specialist On Premise data and insights. 

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Exclusive data

OPM provides access to highly validated data from a sample based measurement of the market. This delivers actionable insights for business growth including competitor analysis and category management.

Accurate benchmarking

Analyse the latest sales data at category and brand level for hyperlocal benchmarking aligned to markets, states and cities. OPM makes it simple to evaluate performance across segments and regions.

Market share & trends

Understand the wider market dynamics that will impact your business. Using OPM's highly targeted data, brands can assess how current trends have evolved and identify new trends that have emerged.

On Premise expertise

CGA’s On Premise triangulation of data coupled with experts who leverage their knowledge and understanding of the sector, allows for robust analysis and delivery of highly valuable insights to clients to support their brand strategies.

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OPM is the definitive read of sales for all major suppliers, distributors and financial service companies across global markets. 

"We are thrilled to provide new measurement capabilities to better serve the Australian market. This launch represents a strengthening of our global benchmark for On Premise performance tracking. It’s a breakthrough moment for suppliers who need to understand their performance and identify growth opportunities"

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