Bartender special: Successfully influencing On Premise consumers

The On Premise has long been the place where consumers trial new drinks and develop brand loyalties – and bartenders and brand ambassadors play a crucial role.

CGA by NIQ’s upcoming webinar The Last Call: Bartender insights in Australia’, taking place on Thursday 22nd February, 9:00am AEST, and will explore the importance of bartenders in the On Premise and consumer behaviour and preferences to boost beverage success in 2024.  


Bartenders and bar staff are the first point-of-contact when making a purchase in the On Premise, and their presence doesn’t go unnoticed by consumers. Almost half (49%) of On Premise consumers said they enjoy interacting with venue staff when ordering drinks*, and quality of service from bartenders / bar staff also impacts their overall visit, as almost half (46%)* said this is an important factor for a great experience.   


It’s clear staff and bartenders play an integral part in a consumers’ visit, but it’s not just the overall experience they can affect. Half of consumers agreed that even if they had already decided what they were going to drink, they could still be swayed by bartender recommendations**. Over a quarter (27%) said they only decide their drinks choice when inside a venue***, showing a huge opportunity for bartenders to be that final decision maker in drinks choice.    


James Phillips, Client Solutions Director – ANZ said: “Bartenders have emerged as influential opinion formers in Australia’s vibrant On Premise scene. They’re a crucial connection between consumers and brands. There’s boundless potential for brands, suppliers, and operators to shape consumer experiences and build enduring advocacy. For these reasons, strategic partnerships and bartender empowerment are imperative.” 


To explore more insights, preferences, and trends within the bartender community, register here, for ‘The Last Call: Bartender Insights in Australia’, or contact James Phillips, Client Solutions Director – ANZ – 



*Australia On Premise Pulse+ Report October 2023 
** Australia OPUS March 2022  
*** Global REACH 2023 


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