Australia’s On Premise: 2023 Year in Review

Australia’s On Premise faced a number of challenges last year, but 2023 also presented many opportunities to drive brand growth and sales in the market.
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Over the course of the year, CGA by NIQ’s On Premise Pulse+ Reports had been tracking consumer preferences, behaviours, and opinions. Not only this, but the reports went through a major development with the introduction of the On Premise Pulse+ Sales Reports, which have been providing clients with a monthly view of key sales metrics since July 2023. Exploring velocity, check value and ticket count from key Australian states, the reports have continued to provide clients with crucial On Premise insights, allowing them to always keep a pulse on the ever-changing Australian market.


Producing a total of 12 consumer reports, and 6 sales reports, CGA by NIQ have provided clients with year-round insights. Here’s a look at what the reports explored in 2023:


The impact of Cost of Living

2023 presented challenges for the Australian On Premise, as the cost of living pressures impacted consumers visitation frequency. 2023 saw a proportion of consumers visiting the On Premise less frequently in a 3-month period, increasing from 15% in 2022 to 20% in 2023.


This reduction in visitation seems to have continued into early 2024, as CGA’s most recent BeverageTrak sales data, shows total BeverageTrak sales velocity down in the latest week* -27% vs 2023, and the latest 12 weeks* -18% vs the start of 2023.


However, consumer opinions for On Premise visits still remain positive, as 65% of consumers agreed that eating and drinking out is the treat they most look forward to (+3pp vs 2022). With over half (52%) of consumers stating that eating and drinking is an affordable treat, and 2 in 10 prioritising On Premise visits in the next 12 months. This highlights that there’s still a huge opportunity to tap into those consumers that prioritise On Premise visits, and value them as a crucial aspect of their lives.


The midweek challenge and ways to increase On Premise visitation

Visitation to venues within a Central Business District (CBD), saw a slight reduction in visitation in 2023 (-14pp vs YA), also showing visitation was at its lowest earlier in the week (Monday-Friday).


With costs rising, the research also showed that consumers sometimes need that little extra encouragement to visit On Premise venues.


When exploring what encourages On Premise visitation, it showed some quick-wins for On Premise venues, with 26% of consumers saying food deals and promotions would encourage more regular visitation, and 22% said the same for drinks deals and promotions. There’s also a huge opportunity to drive more customers through the doors by introducing loyalty schemes and rewards, as 22% said this would encourage visitation.


Research showed that events and occasions can also boost visitation to On Premise venues, as last year occasions such as Mothers Day, Australia Day and New Years Eve all had the highest visitation of 2023. Even the run-up to Christmas increased On Premise vision significantly, showing December 15th as the biggest day for velocity in 2023.


Drinks category consumption shifts

When it comes to drinks choice and frequency of purchase, consumer preferences shifted in 2023 as the average number of categories per repertoire decreased vs the same period the year before. In Spring 2022, 2.41 was the average number of categories per repertoire, whereas the same period in 2023 it decreased slightly to 2.28.

Whilst cocktails, wine and spirits are all losing penetration, soft drinks and beer remained steady.


New serve types facing barriers

Pre-batched and draught cocktail serves had recently been introduced to the On Premise in 2023, but over half of consumers (56%) say they haven’t seen pubs, bars, restaurants or similar venues offering any of these.


However, there’s an opportunity to create more awareness for these serves, as its clear younger consumers have more awareness with over half (54%) of 18–34-year-olds had purchased pre-batched cocktails, and 44% had purchased draught cocktails.


The powerful influence of Bartenders

Staff can have a huge influence on consumer decisions, as over half (53%) agree that they are likely to purchase drinks based of bartender recommendations and 50% agree that if they are decided on what to drink, they can still be swayed by bartender recommendations.


Its clear staff can be an integral part of a visit, even one of the top 3 factors for a great On Premise experience, along with quality of food and drink.



In 2023, sustainability became more of a concern for consumers visiting the On Premise, as 77% of consumers said they are mindful of sustainability or ethical credentials in On Premise visits. With 40% regularly checking information on sustainability of the venues they visit.


Locally/sourced produced food and drink (42%), reduced waste (31%) and recycled packaging (26%) all were the top things consumers considered when choosing an On Premise venue to visit, and moving into 2024, this could become a more prevalent consideration for consumers visiting On Premise venues.


Tried and trusted within the global BevAl industry, CGA by NIQ’s On Premise Pulse+ Reports provide leading data and insights derived from our best-in-class tools. Exploring both consumer and sales data, the reports provide an up-to-date view of the On Premise landscape, allowing you to leverage opportunities within the industry.


To find out about CGA’s latest solutions that unlock value in the Australian On Premise, get in touch with James Phillips, Client Solutions Director – ANZ at


Download the full Australia 2023 Year in Review infographic here.


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