NFU report brings food, farming and the hospitality sector together to speak as one voice

Building relationships between the hospitality sector and British farmers and growers can deliver benefits to businesses, customers, and food producers, according to a new NFU report.

‘Food, farming and hospitality: why the British story matters’, outlines how British sourcing can add value to hospitality businesses and why developing collaborative relationships with local producers will enable British food to be an integral part of out of home brands and the farm to fork story.


The NFU brought together industry leaders and operators for a roundtable discussion to launch the report and to hear how sustainability and “supporting local” holds a firm place in the public’s buying choices. The discussion acknowledged the multiple benefits of purchasing British food and drink and working more closely with Britain’s farmers and growers.


NFU President Minette Batters said: “Whether it’s grabbing a bite to eat on the go, discussing business over lunch or celebrating an important event, eating out is central to everyday life, with iconic products and brands playing a huge role in keeping the nation fed.


“Hospitality in the UK is recognised as one of the finest in the world, but the sector, like British farming, has faced huge challenges over the past 18 months against a backdrop of record levels of inflation, coupled with the cost of living crisis, and coming just months after struggling through the pandemic which impacted so many hospitality businesses.


“British farming, food and hospitality are intrinsically linked, and this report sets out our vision on how British food can add value to hospitality brands and why they should build the farming story into their business.


“Developing relationships between the out of home sector and British farmers and growers will create even more opportunities to serve up local food that is safe and fully traceable, providing the provenance the public increasingly appreciates – as well as helping to strengthen our domestic food security.


“The NFU will continue these conversations by holding further roundtable discussions in order to engage with all aspects of the UK’s diverse hospitality sector.”


Andy Hodgson, CGA’s senior business development manager, said: “It was great to work with the NFU to support with insights which have been included in their recently published report – check out the link below to understand the role of provenance further in the Out-of-Home market.”


Read the report: ‘Food, Farming and Hospitality: Why the British story matters’ here.


For more about NFU’s out-of-home market research, which includes expert insights from CGA, click here.


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