New research reveals the importance of Sports events in South Africa’s On Premise

New and exclusive consumer research from global On Premise data & insights consultancy, CGA by NIQ, provides suppliers with actionable insights into consumer engagement with bars and restaurants in South Africa—including the huge value of sport to drinks sales.


The view from CGA 

George Argyropoulos, CGA Client Solutions Director, said: “South Africa and many other countries on the continent have a dynamic On Premise that is full of untapped opportunities for drinks suppliers. Sport is a particularly good route to sales, as consumers know that bars provide an experience that can’t be replicated at home, so establishing association with sporting events is an excellent way to grow brands. However, in such a fast-evolving market, a deep and up-to-date understanding of people’s behaviour and preferences is vital. The CGA team is excited to be supporting businesses achieve it, and our OPUS service is here to help them thrive.” 

Shaping strategies for growth with world-leading insights 

CGA by NIQ’s new suite of consumer research options are now available in South Africa. Their tools provide many more actionable insights into consumers’ behaviour in South Africa’s On Premise. It helps teams fine-tune consumer targeting strategies to build powerful brands and drive sales growth. It is the ideal solution for both short-term gains in category and channel share and long-term strategic planning. 


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