Mexico’s On Premise engagement rises as cocktails flourish

Mexico’s consumers remain eager to eat and drink out and plan to step up their visits to restaurants and bars in December.

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Those are among a host of insights in the November edition of CGA’s Mexico On Premise Consumer Pulse Report, which is available now. It shows three quarters (74%) of consumers have been out to eat in the past month, while nearly half (47%) have been out for a drink. Numbers going out more often than usual (45%) are double those going out less frequently (23%).


Visits are set to move up a gear in December, with more than a third (36%) of consumers planning to visit the On Premise more frequently over the next month, and 40% at the same rate—leaving only 23% who intend to visit less. Well over half (57%) intend to celebrate Las Posadas in restaurants, bars or similar venues, while 58% will be going out for New Year’s Eve.


CGA’s report, which is based on a survey of 1,200 Mexican consumers, also highlights the most popular days, channels and drinks in the On Premise. It shows:

  • Three quarters (76%) of those who have visited the On Premise have done so on a Saturday, making it the top day for visits ahead of Friday (65%) and Sunday (35%)
  • Restaurants—especially casual dining sites—are the most popular channel, with 87% of users going there. Next are cafes (54%) and bars (47%)
  • Beer remains the top choice of drink in the On Premise, chosen by 76% of visitors, with tequila (56%) and whiskey (42%) second and third.


The Mexico On Premise Consumer Pulse Report has a special focus on mixed drinks, featuring a survey of consumers who drink cocktails and/or spirits and mixers. Well over half (57%) of this cohort say they are choosing cocktails over spirits and mixers more often than they were six months ago—far more than the 38% who are doing the opposite. The survey highlights the importance of treats in this market.


Mauricio Castellanos, CGA by NIQ client success leader, Mexico, said: “Our latest report is a very welcome vote of confidence in Mexico’s On Premise. Despite all the pressure on consumers’ spending three is a large core of highly engaged visitors who plan to make heavy use of bars and restaurants between now and the end of the year—especially over Las Posadas festivities. There will be great opportunities for drinks suppliers to grow sales and take share, especially in the cocktail segment—but as ever it will require a deep and up-to-date knowledge of consumers’ preferences.”


Click here to read the full Mexico On Premise Consumer Pulse Report. The report is just one of CGA by NIQ’s many tools to help suppliers unlock sales, and CGA’s expert team is available to provide custom research, consumer segmentations and analysis to optimise assortment. To learn more, email Mauricio Castellanos at

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