Mexican Domestic Tourism Wave Drives Demand for Premium Drinks in Hotels

The current resurgence of domestic tourism in Mexico means substantial opportunities within the hotel channel.

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The latest findings in CGA by NIQ’s Mexico on Premise Consumer Pulse Report June 2024, plus further in-depth OPUS  (On Premise User Survey) analytics, send out a clear call to action to leverage the analysis of this flourishing channel and capitalize on the treat mentality accompanying the Mexican domestic tourism market. 


The latest Consumer Pulse shows that 60% of consumers plan to take a vacation in Mexico during the next three months, with 19% remaining undecided. Of those planning trips, 40% intend to stay in standard hotel chains, while a third prefer independent rented accommodation.  


Moreover, a convincing 9 in 10 also plan to visit the On Premise during their breaks, primarily to restaurants (4 in 5), followed by over 2 in 5 planning to visit a hotel bar/restaurant.​ These intentions present a strategic avenue for drinks brands seeking to expand their market presence. 


Key OPUS insights reveal the diverse motivations driving Mexican holidaymakers to these venues. 52% of consumers cite special occasions as the primary reason (+9pp for women), followed by formal (43%) and casual (41%) meals. 


OPUS data further highlights the primary drivers behind holiday drink choices, led by the desire to relax (57%) and treat themselves (50%). It also uncovers consumer drinking habits when at leisure away from home: 

  • Almost half (45%) of domestic vacationers know which drink category they will choose before arrival 
  • 41% are brand specific 
  • 22% decide on the spot 

More than a third (35%) stick with the same category and brand while away (+5pp for 35–54-year-olds). On the other hand, 37% enjoy multiple categories, and 28% switch brands but remain within one category.  


Similarly, the Consumer Pulse Report explores the drinks consumers are choosing when relaxing and having fun on vacation. Beer emerges as the top choice among 70%, followed by over half who intend to drink tequila.  


Furthermore, 86% of consumers visiting On Premise venues during their vacation are very likely or quite likely to pay extra for a better-quality drink. This tendency reflects a treat mentality and a willingness to uplevel their experience when in holiday mode. 


Mauricio Castellanos, CGA by NIQ Leader Mexico, said: “The Reports show how the hotel channel represents a significant opportunity for drinks suppliers over the coming months. Consumers visiting these channels are willing to pay a premium for a superior experience, and to try different drinks they might not usually order at home. Suppliers can now equip themselves to optimize our in-depth analysis to confidently make informed and targeted decisions on distribution, assortment, and marketing to capture this lucrative market.”  


CGA by NIQ’s On Premise User Survey (OPUS) offers comprehensive insights into On Premise channels, helping drinks suppliers to fine-tune consumer targeting strategies, build powerful brands, and drive sales growth. It is the ideal, single-source solution for both short-term gains in category, channel share, and long-term strategic planning. 


Download the latest free On Premise Consumer Impact report here. And get in touch here for more information on CGA by NIQ’s On Premise solutions. 

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