Maximising sales in outlets

Leading drinks supplier successful in convincing leading operators to stock their brand of hard seltzer.

The Challenge

A large drinks supplier with a leading hard seltzer brand was having trouble convincing top restaurant chains to stock a range of its SKUs & other competitor hard seltzer flavors. Buyers at chains were convinced that one hard seltzer SKU was sufficient for consumers in their restaurants.


The Solution

Using a combination of OPM & OPUS, we were able to present a strong selling story to maximise sales in outlet, & a range of hard seltzers were needed. Consumers were interested in a number of different hard seltzer flavors & by stocking only one flavor, outlets were missing out on potential sales opportunities.


The Outcome

The National Accounts team were able to use this research & insight to arm them in their RFP meetings & successfully stock more than one SKU of hard seltzer in outlet. It not only benefitted the supplier but the category as a whole.


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