Hallgarten Druitt

Optimising category offering and improving activations and sales effectiveness.

The Challenge

A leading wine supplier in the GB On Premise wanted to better understand their target consumers and the factors that drive and influence choice across specific premium operators.


The Solution

BrandTrack research was undertaken to uncover insight into the factors that are most important to their target customers. This gave the client a comprehensive understanding who the wine drinker is across premium outlets via demography, attitudes and On Premise habits of the premium brand consumer. CGA delivered insight into path-to-purchase including price points, taste & type preference, and occasions, and in-depth focus on specific premium fascia’s which analysed attitudes, consumer profiling and competitor drink categories.


The Outcome

Deeper insight into the wine suppliers’ target consumers across specific premium operators and a true understanding of the narrative on wine within the managed market. This enabled the client to effectively optimise their category offering within premium operators and improve activations and sales effectiveness.


Working with CGA on this specifically commissioned and bespoke piece of insight, was a game changer in not just getting through the door of some of the large on-trade operators, but in unlocking real category potential and results for both Hallgarten Wines and the operators alike. This project saw a category value growth in excess £1million within one high-street brand, achievable by a targeted 18% shift out of house wine into mid-range wine, and a subsequent shift of 36% into premium wines in value terms, all against a declining on trade wine market. Fantastic results for both wholesaler and operator alike, working on value added premiumisation, only achievable with the timely support and insight of CGA. – Gerald Chislett, National Account Manager.


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