Successful soft drink activiation

A leading drinks supplier strengthens relationships with soft drink consumers & enhances sales effectiveness.

The Challenge

A leading drinks supplier wanted to better understand the soft drinks consumer to support & inform their future business strategy.


The Solution

Utilising BrandTrack, CGA provided an extensive analysis of the out-of-home soft drink consumer & their interaction with the market.

CGA used a combination of consumer capabilities including profiling the out-of-home softs drinker; demography, attitudes & On Premise habits of the average soft drink drinker, provided insight into softs preferences; clarity of opportunities based on consumer need states and expectations, & segmented consumers, using path-to-purchase analysis.


The Outcome

The client was able to make informed business decisions for their future business strategy, enabling the drinks supplier to refine & enhance their sales effectiveness, activation ROI & strengthen relationships to soft drinks consumers.



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