Maximising milk in the On Premise

With more than four in five consumers drinking milk in the global On Premise, new CGA by NIQ research reveals huge untapped sales potential for suppliers of dairy and alternatives.

Data from CGA’s exclusive REACH solution—a survey of 30,000 people in 38 key countries, plus views from 600 operators—found that 84% of consumers drink milk of some kind in cafes, bars, restaurants and similar out-of-home venues. Two thirds (67%) drink cow milk, and it’s the top choice in every region of the world by some distance.  


However, REACH also highlights the fast-growing appeal of a wide variety of milks. More than a fifth of consumers now choose almond (25%), soya (23%), coconut (23%) and oat (21%) alternatives to dairy. CGA’s regional breakdown shows almond milk is particularly popular in North and South America, while soya is the leading alternative in Asia. Western Europe’s top choice after dairy is oat milk. 


The rapid growth in alternative milks has been fuelled by a range of factors including veganism, dietary requirements and health. It makes it essential for all On Premise venues to provide options like almond, soya, coconut and oat milk, and for suppliers to help them optimise ranges. REACH shows that one in eight (13%) consumers around the world now expect the venues they visit to cater for these dairy-free alternatives. The figure is 3 percentage points higher among Gen Z consumers at 16%—a sure sign that demand is set to grow further in the years ahead. 


James Ashurst, Foodservice Client Director said: “Our research shows how milk is a vital part of the On Premise offer around the world. This channel is doubly important for suppliers—not just because it delivers significant sales, but because choices made here are a big influence on people’s brand awareness and purchases for home as well. But this is a complex category, with dairy alternatives changing the landscape and important variations in preferences from region to region. Understanding the nuances of the global milk market and satisfying users with the right non-dairy ranges are central to success, and our research provides the springboard for effective and agile strategies.” 


CGA by NIQ’s REACH service delivers sharp, up-to-the-minute and channel-specific insights that enable suppliers to track consumers’ engagement with milk and many more categories. It is complemented by other solutions including sales measurement, outlet databases and operator research to help map markets and distribution points and meet the needs of venue operators. To learn more, contact James Ashurst here. 

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