3 in 5 show their love for the On Premise for Valentine’s Day

Love is in the air for the On Premise. CGA by NIQ’s latest edition of the Consumer Impact Report reveals consumers plan to make it a night to remember in the On Premise this 14th February, with restaurants emerging as the standout venues capturing consumers’ hearts.

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In the run-up to Valentine’s Day, the data confirms the On Premise remains a crucial part of consumers’ lives, with a massive 68% visiting bars, restaurants, and other venues at least weekly.


In addition, frequency of visitation is on an upward trajectory, with 47% of consumers visiting the On Premise much more or slightly more than usual. Conversely, just under a third are going out the same, while over 1 in 5 are going out less than usual.


A third of those going out less are doing so because they’re spending money on other things, while 3 in 10 are doing so due to price increases in eating and drinking out, plus overall cost of living increases. On the other hand, 43% of consumers have spent more on eating and drinking out in the past month.


Overall, the data signposts an optimistic outlook for suppliers and operators planning to make the most of the big opportunities coming up on the calendar.


Besides NFL’s Big Game, the other upcoming key date driving footfall is Valentine’s Day. Between them, these two highly influential occasions in the On Premise events demonstrate just how varied channel visitation can be per occasion. This is why an understanding of behaviour variance across channel and occasion is crucial to success.


Half of consumers plan to visit the On Premise for NFL’s big game, mostly with friends, to enjoy the pre-game build-up and watch the action live. Most of these consumers plan to stay in one venue to drink beer, which they prefer in a variety of different serves.


In comparison, Valentine’s Day sees a higher frequency of people planning to visit, with 1 in 5 still undecided too. Wednesday 14th February is the most popular date for over half of consumers. But an uplift in traffic can also be expected on shoulder dates, with 20% of consumers planning to say it with a night out on Friday 16th, and 18% on both Saturdays (10th and 17th February) before and after.


A resounding 4 in 5 consumers are planning to indulge in the food of love at restaurants. In terms of what they’ll be washing it down with, just under half of consumers prefer beer, while Tequila is the preferred drink choice amongst a third of consumers. Unsurprisingly, cocktails (30%), table wine (24%), and sparkling wine or champagne (18%) are also on the wish lists of many consumers for the occasion.


Mauricio Castellanos, CGA by NIQ Leader Mexico, said: “Valentine’s Day has always been a landmark on the hospitality calendar. It’s a golden opportunity for suppliers and operators to optimize sales with a receptive audience. This emphasizes the importance of understanding what drives the On Premise consumer in the context of the occasions influencing On Premise visitation and spend.”


Click here to read the full Mexico On Premise Consumer Pulse Report. The report is just one of CGA by NIQ’s many tools to help suppliers unlock sales, and CGA’s expert team is available to provide custom research, consumer segmentations and analysis to optimise assortment. To learn more, email Mauricio Castellanos at mauricio.castellanos@nielseniq.com.

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