Latest Health, Indulgence, and Visitation Trends in the US On Premise

Consumer visitation levels to bars, restaurants and other hospitality venues are remaining steady across the US On Premise.
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CGA by NIQ’s US On Premise Impact Report explores how drinks suppliers can seize this opportunity to ignite customer experience and drive sales.


Identifying growth areas and developing relevant category and merchandising strategies can help to achieve these goals, but it’s key to align offerings with the evolving and nuanced preferences of consumers who are simultaneously both health-conscious and indulgent. 


The normalization of consumer visitation frequency levels to On Premise venues is expected to persist through the summer months. Notably: 


  • 46% of consumers plan to go out for a drink next month, while 76% intend to dine out.  
  • 27% of consumers expect to increase their current frequency of going out next month, representing a +2pp (percentage points) increase compared to last month. 
  • 46% have been going out as usual. 


The data reflects consistent engagement with the On Premise and an optimistic outlook, presenting drinks suppliers with every opportunity to maximize consumer footfall.  


Furthermore, the Impact Report highlights another significant trend, with US consumers driven by indulgence and self-treating behaviors when out. Yet, there is a growing balance between self-indulgence and healthy choices, with 31% of consumers maintaining a healthy lifestyle during the week.  


As a result, non-alcoholic drink alternatives have emerged as a key choice, especially during the summer, as consumers are keen to stay hydrated and prioritize healthier midweek choices. This shift presents a chance for suppliers to tap into health-conscious yet indulgent consumer mindsets.  


In addition, the Report outlines strategic recommendations to drive sales and improve category market penetration, including: 


  • Expanding of non-alcoholic offerings – With half of consumers likely to drink non-alcoholic beverages during the summer, it is prime time for suppliers to extend their non-alcoholic product lines, including highly popular seasonal and frozen mocktails. 


  • Targeting weekend visitation – The data shows 60% of consumers visited the On Premise last month on a Saturday. This indicates suppliers can capture greater levels of consumer engagement by optimizing weekend offerings and activations. 


  • Innovate non-alcoholic wine options – The Report identifies a clear gap in the availability of non-alcoholic wine options. Suppliers wanting to supply to this growing demand and differentiate their offerings can do so by expanding choices in this category. 


Matthew Crompton, Regional Director – Americas said: The US On Premise Impact Report provides invaluable insights for drinks suppliers looking to harness and build upon the current stability the sector is enjoying. Developing strategies to improve market penetration is key to this. Plus, the trend towards healthier choices, balanced with indulgence, indicates many and varied openings to meet demand with innovative products that engage broader consumer bases. Those who capitalize on these insights will be well-positioned to drive growth and success in the coming months.” 


CGA’s On Premise Impact Reports help suppliers and manufacturers across food and beverage keep a pulse on the industry, delivering expert and up-to-the-minute insights derived from a variety of our best-in-class data tools. Click here to download more information.  


CGA by NIQ’s On Premise consumer research solutions offer comprehensive insights into On Premise channels, helping drinks suppliers to fine-tune consumer targeting strategies, build powerful brands, and drive sales growth.  


To learn more about subscription access and wider consumer solutions, contact Matthew Cromptonhere. 


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