Canadian outlets experience top performing sales week of 2024 so far

The Canadian On Premise experienced remarkable performance metrics during the two-week reporting period ending June 22nd.

With summer in full swing, plus various holidays and events taking place nationally, the On Premise channel has seen significant increases in sales and traffic.  


The latest week of this period emerged as the number one sales week nationally for the average outlet so far in 2024. The record-breaking week recorded a notable 9% increase in velocity compared to the previous week, driven by a 4% rise in check value and a 5% increase in ticket counts, making it the top sales week nationally for the average outlet so far in 2024. 


This continued upward trajectory marks a milestone tenth week where sales velocity has surpassed 2023 figures, alongside the highest ticket counts recorded this year. 


  • While gains are shown nationally, regional performance details further progress shown across the country Ontario and Quebec both experienced six consecutive days of velocity growth and the highest ticket counts in 2024 to date. Ontario also enjoyed its largest week of velocity, with the average outlet clocking up 57 more checks than the next largest week. 


  • British Columbia had its second largest velocity week of 2024, in addition to consecutive weeks of growth. 


  • Alberta is the lone province that is currently outperforming its velocity levels in 2023 across the same reporting week, with the Stanley Cup playoffs making an impact.


Father’s Day boosted velocity performance nationally on June 16th, with performance +45% vs the average Sunday of this year. This uplift contributed to the date becoming the second largest sales Sunday of the year, trailing only Mother’s Day, with ticket counts increasing by almost a fifth (19%), while check values rose by a quarter (24%).


Mitch Stefani, Client Solutions Director for the Americas said: Momentum for the On Premise channel has built up over the last few weeks with multiple provinces recording their best sales weeks of the year. With the nicer weather, and event’s taking place across the country, boosted foot traffic and ticket counts are a welcoming site for channel growth.”



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