Heading South: Atlantic Club goes to Nashville

Not too far in the past, driven Brits expanding their brands across the pond primarily centered their efforts on on major American cities with a distinct European appeal. Boston, New York, Washington DC were all hot favourites and for understandable reasons.

But America is moving south, and this shift includes corporate America – taking millions of highly paid, highly mobile, professional employees with it.


That’s why the Atlantic Club is heading for Nashville.


Still famous for its legendary music scene modern Nashville is a vibrant and dynamic city boasting a strong economy, a thriving music and art scene, diversity of people and top notch food and drink venues to boot. This is a must-see city for hospitality leaders looking for inspiration, big ideas and scouting new locations.


Here’s some of Peach 20/20’s top Nashville data points;

  • #2 US city for relocating professionals
  • Potential audience of 12 million people within a 3-hour drive
  • $68K annual median income – 5% higher than national average
  • 1,000+ foreign based businesses
  • Talent pipeline of 120K Undergrads/60% of whom stay post graduation
  • Top 20 “Arts-vibrant” community
  • More than 200 parks and 30,000 acres of inland lakes


And that’s just for starters.


Join Peach 20/20 on 1-3 May 2024 in Nashville and find out why America is heading south. The tour itself is complimentary. There are just 30 VIP places available, for operators only.


Want to reserve your place? Email James.martin@peach2020.com for all the details.


For more news and insights from Peach 20/20, click here.


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